Most Popular Jigsaw Puzzles For Christmas 2009 Revealed

Redhill, United Kingdom (PressExposure) November 25, 2009 -- Think of a jigsaw and you would probably imagine a pretty rose cottage, a British seaside resort or a even red puffing steam engine standing proudly at a countryside railway station.

Traditional jigsaws popular

These traditional 1950s- style jigsaws continue to remain popular. Perhaps one reason is that they allow the assembler to re-connect with the past, and who doesn't like to wallow in a little nostalgia from time - to - time.

Once viewed as a pastime for older people, jigsaw puzzles are seeing somewhat of a resurgence. A good measure is that the now trendy Women's Institute, full of 20 and 30 year olds, are enjoying competitive jigsaw puzzle nights. The Islington branch for instance held one such evening recently. But are these traditional nostalgic puzzles still popular with the younger generation afterall there is much more choice these days including personalised jigsaws and quirky cartoon ones. There are even jigsaws of gory gothic images.

All Jigsaw Puzzles, the UK's leading online retailers of puzzles, has compiled a list of its most popular puzzles (1 September 2009 - 1 Nov 2009).

1. Personalised jigsaw puzzles (where pictures can be turned into photos)

2. 2009 Christmas Limited Edition Ravensburger Jigsaw - Santa's Christmas Supper (traditional-style)

3. 2009 Christmas Gibsons Limited Edition Christmas Puzzle - Christmas Cheer (Gibsons) (traditional-style)

4.Christmas Wasgij 5 - That Lovely Christmas Feeling (Falcon / Jumbo) (where the assembler has to imagine what the jigsaw picture could be)

5. Christmas on Ice jigsaw puzzle (Falcon / Jumbo) (cartoon)

6. Special Front Page of The Times Newspaper Jigsaw (personal)

7. Home for Christmas jigsaw puzzle (Gibsons) (traditional)

8. Wasgij Mystery 5 - Sunday Lunch jigsaw puzzle (Falcon / Jumbo) (cartoon)

9. Jan van Haasteren Christmas Puzzle 2009 (traditonal)

10. Thomas Kinkade: Cobblestone Christmas (traditional)

It's interesting to see that the most popular jigsaws are unique. In a way it's understandable as personalised jigsaws can be made from favourite pictures and of maps of specific areas.

Still above are the more traditional puzzles,are the cartoon jigsaws such as the Wasjig and the Jan Van Haasteren ranges. But there is a place in the hearts of jigsaw puzzle lovers for the more traditional puzzle, such as the Thomas Kinkade: The Night Before Christmas which makes it into the top 10.

What this all says is that the old pastime continues to be a part of the Christmas tradition as the Holly and The Ivy.

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