Mothership LED - An Innovative New Development Of LED Grow Lights

Oceanside, CA (PressExposure) May 05, 2011 -- With the increase in use popularity of LED grow lights in hydroponics, HID Hut has developed a new, innovative technology that serves not just to refine and improve them, but it also inculcates confidence in plant growers that they have the best possible and reliable alternative source of light for their cultivation needs.

LED (short for Light emitting diode) grow lights are used by plant growers using hydroponics, as a substitution source of high intensity lighting for those that consume more power. LED grow lights may be used for indoor or greenhouse gardening and they provide significant cost and energy savings. Additionally, they are easy to install and may also be used in combination with solar and wind technologies to optimize the efficient use of electricity.

The LED MotherShip is claimed by HID Hut to be the ultra powerful and unparralleled solution in LED grow lights! This new product is a double duty Supernova, capable of providing 540 watts of light. It has come as highly welcome new entry on the market to thousands of hydroponics users, wanting to bring more dynamism to their plant cultivation.

What is rather attractive about the MotherShip LED 540 grow light is its cost efficiency in light production, which is in excess of a 1,000 watt HID light, yet available at much less the cost of the latter. Adding to its capability to produce flexible lighting controls, the MotherShip LED grow light also produces six times the much brightness of the UFO LED grow light, and consumes just about one eighth the energy of a standard HPS grow light of a similar output! There are enough high lumens lighting emitted by the MotherShip LED grow light to span a substantial plant cultivation area. Moreover, there are extra LEDS contained in it to cover the photosynthetic spectrum. This measures to 405 nm to 465 nm in blue and 620 nm to 740 nm in red. This is a truly phenomenal provision of light for any kind of plant cultivation.

With practically all the necessary equipments for appropriate hydroponic plant cultivation, the MotherShip's unique style and features make for an outstanding product in LEG grow lights solutions. It even enables plant growers to adjust the color spectrums themselves, with using the attached Red and Blue knob controls. Moreover, it is possible to adjust up to seven different circuit boards at various positions to optimize the reach of the lights, and the in-built fans significantly lessen the need for reflectors!

MotherShip LED grow lights are definitely a tremendous breakthrough in the arena of lighting solution for hydroponics gardening!

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LED (short for Light emitting diode) grow lights are used by plant growers using hydroponics, as a substitution source of high intensity lighting for those that consume more power.

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