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Brossard, Canada (PressExposure) November 01, 2009 -- Whether or not you are a mountain bike aficionado, there is something for everyone in this world of action, awesome riders, and over the top adrenalin.

For those of you unfamiliar with all things mountain biking, here's a brief history. If you really want to go back and get to the nitty gritty of biking, you have to take a look at the late 60's. It was then, in San Francisco, where two guys just got sick and tired of the hectic lives brought on in part by all the traffic in the city. Gary Fisher (a bike racer banned from the traditional sport of bike racing because his hair was too long) and his partner, Carles Kelly, teamed up and moved to Marin County so they could be closer to nature and and manage their lives in a more laid back environment. It was here they discovered the ultimate thrill of bombing down dirt trails on bikes. They also met Joe Breeze and the 'Clunkers' (also referred to as 'Bombers' or 'Cruisers'- old Schwinn 5 and 10-speed bikes that had been highly modified).

Fast Forward to the mid 70's, where Fisher, Kelly, Breeze, and another in the fold, Tom Ritchey, were responsible for both the organization and increasing of 3-mile long races that were held near Fairfax, California along the Cascade Fire Trail. All the riders would start at various intervals on the course with the hope of achieving just one thing: the chance to get their hands on a real 'Clunker' and "break the 2.9 mile dirt track record that had a vertical drop of over 1600 feet". It was here that the Hell's Angels motto was adopted: "Ride to live and and live to ride". While participation and media notoriety increased over the years, due to the impossibility of properly insuring the event locally, 1984 saw its last race of this kind.

Today, Gary Fisher is just as passionate about mountain biking as he was the in the 60's. A self-confessed "bike-bum", Fisher sold his successful bike-manufacturing company so he could get back to his first loves: racing, inspiring and, designing innovative products for cycling. From the recreational to the competitive, there is something for everyone when it comes to mountain biking. For the hard-core riders (or just for pure entertainment), you can check out some of the popular movie out there about the sport. Titles include "Virtuous", "Seasons", "Kranked 7", "Unhinged," "Fluid Ride: Like a Pro," just to name a few.

Still can't get enough? Look no further than Aaron Bartlett and Paul Roberts, filmmakers whose highly anticipated sequel to the very popular "Foot Out Flat Out", "Foot Out Flat Out 2 - Fast and Loose" is set for release on DVD November 23, 2009. This film features down hill mountain bike racing at the highest level at the UCI World Cup and World Championships. The movie was shot on 3 different continents and offers viewers numerous rider sections (including Downhill and MotoX).

In the coming year, mountain bikers should look for the Alpine Bikes Winter Series. Borderline Events and Innerleithen has partnered with Alpine Bikes, Trek, and Fox Racing, to offer a new three-race downhill competition that will be held at Innerleithen in Scotland. The courses offered will be a mix of everything, plus old tracks will be updated and new sections will be built. Races will be held on January 30-31, February 20-21, and March 13-14, 2010.

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