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Cairo, NY (PressExposure) October 20, 2011 -- Lucille Falcone has been dealing with a job search crisis ever since she graduated college over 20 years ago with a bachelor's degree that did not lead to employment. Falcone was always able to find entry level and advanced level jobs unrelated to her degree and experience. Nevertheless, Falcone does not take her successes lightly.

"Nothing surprises me about the current situation", says Falcone, an online business woman living in a small town in upstate NY. "The area where I grew up has been economically depressed ever since the factories moved out over 40 years ago. What America is facing now is what we've been dealing with for decades. Essentially, many people like me have "dead-end degrees" that don't lead to jobs in any given locality, exorbitant student loan debts, and a whole host of responsibilities that prevent us from moving."

According to Falcone, there are still ways to get jobs when your experiences and education don't match, but only those who know the secrets will succeed. Falcone goes on to say that the vast majority of job search information is either outdated, or written by people that cannot relate to being jobless. Therefore, most of their advice is written from the perspective of "what would I do", not "here is what I actually did".

"I've seen and done it all when it comes to job hunting. I am not not writing from the perspective of a human resource manager or a potential supervisor." Falcone feels this is a key difference, and one that truly sets her above and beyond when it comes to offering job hunting advice. She is writing from the perspective of someone who has broken through the natural resistance of employers and gotten them to hire her time and time again. "When it comes right down to it, no supervisor or human resources person is going to tell you how to get the advantage over them. There will always be tricks they won't tell you for the sake of keeping all their hiring options open," says Falcone.

So how does this tie in with curing the current economic crisis? Anyone that looks in the job banks or in the classified ads can see that there are jobs open. The problem is people aren't applying for them, or not applying for them in the right way. This leads to only a few people having jobs, while others are continually winnowed out. From there the viscous cycle of economic collapse continues to drag more and more people into it.

As Falcone watched this situation unfold, she soon realized that she had valuable information to share on how to break this deadly grip on the American economy and the average citizen. The result is a groundbreaking ebook, Overcoming the Overqualified Myth and a forum where she offers advice. For just 24.95, you can register for access to the ebook and website at:

Or, for 9.99, simply visit Amazon to purchase the ebook only for the Kindle and other e-platforms.

Do you want or need a job sooner rather than later? Are you crying inside for the kind of answers that will get you out of the mess you are in? Turn to Overcoming the Overqualified Myth today and find out what you need to know.

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