Mr. Manpower's Guide to Safe Penis Enlargement Options

Miami, FL (PressExposure) December 05, 2009 -- Penis enlargement is one of the most sought after solutions in the male enhancement industry. While many men search for ways to make their penis bigger, the majority of them either don't have strong enough belief in the tactics, or they fear the safety of the techniques, or how it will affect their erectile quality.

There are actually five methods today for you to have a longer, bigger and thicker penis. Some penis enlargement methods improve length over girth, others improve girth over length, and others can improve both. Another issue with men have now-a-days is they want results right away. And many of the products out there offer miracle solutions that claim to increase the size of your penis over night.

A word to the wise: If the offer sounds too good to be true, it is. There are safe and effective penis enlargement options out there, but they all require a little dedication and patience (except for penile enlargement surgery). There is also not one PILL on the market that can make your penis bigger. Do a Google search for your favorite penis enlargement pill, and type "complaint" or "scam" next to it... you'll see the truth. The only penis enlargement solutions that are known to work are the following:

1. Penis enlargement pumps- While they do little for length, penis enlargement pumps have been shown to significantly increase erectile girth while improving the strength of your erections.

2. Manual penis enlargement exercises - these techniques have been performed in Africa and the Middle East for centuries, and have been said to be effective since ancient times. My favorite out of the penis enlargement options, I've used natural penis enlargement exercises to safely increase the length of my erection by well over an inch and a quarter (almost an inch and a half). My flaccid size and penis head are now much larger, and the exercises have improved my erectile quality as well.

3. Weight hanging devices - Certain devices have been created that allow you to hang weights from your flaccid penis. These devices are generally safe, and can improve length gains, but do little in the way of girth. I've gained some length with the use of a hanging device, but ceased to use it due to the difficulty in properly using the device without causing harm to the penis.

4. Traction Devices - a device that is worn between penis enlargement exercises, it holds the flaccid penis in an extended state for long periods of time, and has been shown to greatly improve length gains

5. Penis enlargement surgery - Pricey but easy, penis enlargement surgery can slightly increase both length and girth of the penis, in its flaccid and erect state, but has also been shown to reduce erectile quality in many cases. Be careful with this one.

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