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107 Marriott Drive St., (PressExposure) April 16, 2009 -- When it comes to beauty products in the Philippines, Pond's has always been one of the many trusted products used by many Filipinos. For years, ponds philippines []have created solutions on pimples that normally wouldn't go away. By it's unique way of helping people, ponds philippines [] have paved the way for many Filipinos to look their best and feel great about themselves. Though many have been helped and assisted to live a better living life by use of Pond's products, many still doesn't know exactly where and how did Pond's first started. So here is a brief history on the product that all people have come to love.

Pond's Cream was invented in the United States as a medicine by scientist Theron T. Pond in 1846. Mr. Pond extracted a healing tea from witch hazel, with which he discovered he could heal small cuts and other ailments. Soon after, the product would be known as Pond's Extract. In 1849, the "T.T. Pond Company" was formed, with Pond and other business people as investors. Theron Pond's health was failing, however, so he sold his portion of the company soon after, and he died in 1852.

By 1910, Pond's was a well established brand among Americans. Concentrating mostly on their vanishing cream, the Pond's company began an ad campaign that would become notorious because of the celebrities involved in it. "Pond's Healing" took a back seat to "Pond's Vanishing Cream", as "Pond's Healing" and "Pond's Cold Cream" would be announced in small print under the "Pond's Vanishing Cream" advertisements. As a result of the new campaign, "Pond's Vanishing Cream" had a 60% increase in sales during 1915, and "Pond's Cold Cream" had a 27% increase.

In 1923, Queen Marie of Romania visited the United States, and she enjoyed the product so much that in 1925, she wrote the Pond's Company, requesting more supplies. Her letter was, in turn, used for advertisement, and Her Majesty joined the list of celebrities that had previously sponsored the products.

It was in 1955 that Pond's company merged with Chesebrough Manufacturing Company, which had a good percentage of brands in the facial care field. With this merger, "Pond's Creams" would become sisters with the Cutex nail polish brand and the Matchabelli perfumes. In 1987, the Chesebrough Manufacturing Company by most known as "Chesebrough-Ponds", was acquired by Anglo-Dutch company Unilever, giving "Pond's Creams" a more international reach. Because of this merger, Pond's Creams were introduced to countries outside of the US such as in the Philippines. Under ponds philippines [], Pond's Creams became popular in the Philippines, producing more products and segments for Filipinos that enjoys the product so much.

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