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Jodhpur, India (PressExposure) December 29, 2009 -- Planets Therapy provides the best services of Music Therapy in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. It stands for ultimate success for the human being towards his destiny. The mission of Planets Therapy is to help and guide every human being to embark on this journey to peace, love and prosperity. We aim to put togather all occult sciences like music therapy, astrology, fengshui, vastu, color therapy, crystal therapy and chakra healing for the benefit of human life.

Music Therapy

Ancient Indian scriptures have revealed many miraculous healing practices, among which Music Therapy is one. It is believed that even the early Egyptian healing systems used Music as a medicine for stress and nervous disorders.

Music Therapy is originally known as the Raga Chikitsa. It can be considered to be a universal language as it brings a pleasing experience and also an effective therapy as it affects various levels of human ailments. It is believed that the great Indian music Maestros could light a lamp with the Raga Deepak or please the Varun Deva to bless the mankind with rain during the periods of draughts. The Sam Veda is full of music.

Music therapy is basically generating specific types of vibrations which move through the air and affect the human body. This is done through nada or sounds of music. Particular raga is chosen for a related ailment or disease. This raga produces vibrations which have direct impact on the human nerves and muscles. It is believed that during one impulse of the musical note the muscles and chakras of the body are contracted during which blood flows out of that area. There is relaxation in the interim period and a state of ease is produced in this area as the pressure eases. By repeating this process the blood flow and energy in the area is enhanced, thereby healing the affected area.

Music is a way of expressing our feelings and it is a common link between people of different cultures thereby bringing about a harmony of thoughts. Based on study of various Ragas, our Music Therapy can bring about a positive approach to life and enhance the level of spiritual thinking.

About Planets Therapy

Human quest for peace of mind is full of obstacles. These obstacles are in the form of the desires of material comforts. Every Human being stirve hard to achieve a state of solace and peace in their mind, however what they achieve in reality is virtual and short lived peace of mind. Peace is attained by control over the desires and then transcending or elevating the mind to joyous spiritual journey to ultimate wisdom.

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