MyBioIdenticalHormones Announce Launch of New Informative Website

Northbrook, Illinois (PressExposure) July 31, 2009 -- MyBioIdenticalHormones recently announced the launch of their new and informative website. An initiative of Dr. Maria Kraszynska, M.D., the new website has been launched with an objective to empower individuals to take charge of their health by providing them with comprehensive descriptions of the virtual medical clinic and services offered, as also to present valuable health information to the site visitors on bio-identical hormones, alternative medicine, menopause, andropause etc.

MyBioIdenticalHormones is the brain child of Dr. Maria Kraszynska M.D, and is committed to continuously research the latest health information and to offer clients candid, unbiased, unyielding data from the premier and most reputable sources. Dr. Maria Kraszynska M.D. is a leading expert in the fields of Alternative medicine, bio-identical hormone replacement and anti-aging. She has been practicing alternative medicine since 1996 and she developed very successful treatment protocols based on metabolic, hormonal and genetic testing. Dr. Kraszynska has helped thousands of patients transform their lives by achieving their desired health goals.

The MyBioIdenticalHormones website is the result of Dr Maria Kraszynska's transformation from allopathic medicine to science based alternative medicine and currently utilizes a dynamic, proprietary approach to healthcare and disease prevention. After years of medical practice she rued the limited options that allopathic medicine provided for her chronically ill patients and this became the reason for her shift to alternative medicine that allowed her to incorporate holistic principles and techniques into her practice.

Dr. Maria Kraszynska M.D. has devised a system for creating and then analyzing an individual's bio-medical blueprint, a detailed study of which helps the medical panel to chart out a unique and subjective treatment plan that works for that specific patient. Through Dr. Kraszynska's individualized custom health programs, lectures, and structured workshops, her patients learn every step, as well as all the methods they need to implement into everyday life in order to attain, and maintain their perfect health.

In the words of Dr. Maria Kraszynska M.D., "Everyone deserves to experience the richness of vibrant health and life in perfect balance. Also, regardless of an individual's present health status, we can significantly improve it adding quality and joy to his life."


At MyBioIdenticalHormones we are dedicated to serve those who appreciate and value their health and well-being. Through our individually customized alternative medicine programs, we believe in treating the cause of a given ailment, not merely the symptoms. We utilize a dynamic, proprietary approach to healthcare and disease prevention that recognizes the burden of disease placed upon an ailing individual. It is our mission to educate and guide every person toward achieving their highest health potential through Dr. Kraszynska’s individualized custom health programs, lectures and structured workshops.

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