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St. Louis, MO (PressExposure) February 14, 2009 -- Cell phones and unlisted home phone numbers have become increasingly popular because of the privacy they provide. Protecting your privacy makes finding your phone number and being reachable extremely difficult. So how does your neighbor, a good Samaritan or an emergency official contact you for important situations? The answer is MyContact411. MyContact411 is a new connection and security service that allows you to display a contact number virtually anywhere while protecting your identity. This new service safeguards your personal information while providing an anonymous connection.

"Today's society uses cell phones as an integral part of our daily lives, but we also have to be extremely vigilant about protecting our personal information," said Bob Bira, Co-Founder and CEO of MyContact411. "You wouldn't post your cell phone number on your front door, or because of child predators, you should not put your child's name and address on their book bag and belongings. MyContact411 lets individuals tie their loved ones and possessions directly to their cell phone without the worries of disclosing identities."

MyContact411 works by giving each member a unique member ID number and ID cards, tags and decals. The number can be posted on your residence, property, keys, children's belongings, electronics, pets and more. Then if something gets lost, or a neighbor or emergency official needs to contact you, they can dial the MyContact411 800 number and MyContact411 will direct the call to you. Depending on your preference, their call is either forwarded live to your cell phone or their message is sent via text message, without the caller ever knowing your identity or personal information.

There are many different uses for the MyContact411 service: • Residence/Property Protection: Should your home, condo, apartment, vacation property or boat be subject to burglary, vandalism, damage or other duress, having your MyContact411 tag prominently displayed will allow others to alert you immediately. • Emergency: Police, EMS, Firemen or hospital personnel can use your MyContact411 ID to access high-level medical information, emergency contact info and any other important information that you choose to disclose. • Child Safeguard/Assistance: A MyContact411 card on your child's bag or person helps protect their identity and allows you to be contacted immediately if they get lost, lose their bag or property or need your help. • Field Trip SafeguardTM Program: A school, daycare, club, or organization has each child wear the provided custom locator cards and lanyards containing the organization's Membership number. The information in the MyContact411 database is updated with the on-site trip supervisor's cell phone so a separated child can be reunited immediately. • Personal Protection: Your identity can be protected for first meetings, dating or online advertisements. Elderly parents' residences can be identified with your member ID so you're informed of important situations. • Lost and Found Property, Pets, Livestock: When your laptop, phone, keys, mp3 players, game players, golf clubs, luggage or animals are lost, a MyContact411 tag can help finders identify you. Plus, thieves generally avoid items that are marked, so MyContact411 tags can work as a theft deterrent.

MyContact411 packages start at as little as $3.95 a month, cheaper than most caller ID services. Memberships include: • 24/7 access to MyContact411 communication center • Direct calls or text messages delivered to your phone • Optional registry of high-level medical and alternate contact Info • Email confirmation of calls or summary of messages • Weatherproof door or window decals, wallet cards, keychain tags, and other posting items • Personalized membership ID stickers

About MyContact411

About MyContact411
MyContact411 is a leader in connection and safety services. MyContact411 allows a good Samaritan or emergency official to contact you on your mobile phone through an 800 service using your unique member ID. You display your member number on a window sticker, key ring tag, wallet card ID, luggage tags, child’s backpack, a placard on your fence post or boat dock, or directly on any personal properties you want protected. Optional high level medical alerts, alternate contact persons, and any other data you choose can be made available at the option and discretion of the member. Your security is never compromised and the MyContact411 system is protected by industry-leading security technology. For more information, visit or call 888-411-7400.

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