MyFirstMobileApp Develops a Groundbreaking App That Helps Parents Combat the Dangers of Texting

San Jose, California (PressExposure) April 30, 2013 -- Android smartphone users now have an app that will help them eliminate the dangers associated with driving and texting. The app will also let users manually set time for when they do not want to see any messaging notifications. Apart from using the app for themselves, parents can also buy and install a Lite version of the app on their children's mobiles.

Parents can ensure that their kids do not read or send text messages while they are driving above a particular level of speed. Parents can also use manual controls and block the incoming and outgoing texts on their own smartphone, or on their child's smartphone for any period of time. The features offered by the app help users free themselves from the potential dangers of obsessive texting: most users are addicted to checking and sending texts. Texting distracts smartphone owners from their work in hand, and has become a compulsion.

Turn Off Texts (TOTs) can be used as a standalone app that helps combat the constant disturbance created by text messages. Using GPS, the app can detect the speed at which users are moving. Smartphone owners can install the app and set a particular speed limit. When they start moving at a faster speed, the app blocks all text message notifications, and the users need to enter a passcode to access their texts. Even when the users are not driving, they can block all messaging for any time period. The best part is that while users cannot see the message, the app politely replies to all messages, telling the senders that the user is currently busy.

Parents should install the TOTs Parent app on their smartphone, and the TOTs Lite version on their child's smartphone. Once the apps on the two smartphones are synced, parents can control the TOTs Lite version on their child's mobile phone. Thus, they can ensure that their kids do not text while they drive, and they can also stop their kids from accessing texts at any other time when they are not supposed to. When the messages are blocked, the kids can view the messages by inputting their parent's passcode.

TOTs (Turn Off Texts) is a revolutionary pair of apps in the fact that it allows parents to use the Parent version of the app on their mobiles to control their child's texting ability on his/her mobile. Android app developers at MyFirstMobileApp had to work hard and think out of the box to create an app with such precise features. "We had to take care of a lot of things: we needed to find an easy way of syncing parents smartphone with that of the kid's, we needed to make sure that GPS would not drain the battery, and we had to see that all the features worked with different versions of the Android OS," an official from the company said, talking about the challenges faced while developing the app.

TOTs - Turn off Texts, conceptualized by FREE Solutions, LLC and developed by MyFirstMobileApp, has the power to minimize the accidents and losses caused by texting at inopportune moments. In the US, one in four accidents involve the use of mobile phones while driving. This app will help parents keep their kids out of trouble and it will also help children and parents alike escape the potential dangers of compulsive texting.

Both versions of Turn of the Text - one for parents (TOTs Parent) and one for their kids (TOTs Lite)are available for download on Google Play:

1. TOTs Parent : []

2. TOTs Lite : []

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