MyInternetBusiness Retail Center: Rob Hunter Reveals News That Will Change the Industry!

Savannah, GA (PressExposure) November 07, 2008 -- With the ailing economy, rising costs, vanishing jobs and nationwide unemployment at an all-time high, an increasingly-large percentage of the US workforce is turning to home-based business as a means to supplement or replace their current incomes, with a particular focus on businesses that can leverage the power of the internet.

For a business to be internet-based, the products it sells must be in high demand and deliverable over the internet. These days, people do not want to buy lotions and potions like in the traditional home-based businesses of, people want to earn more money so that they can pay their bills and start to build some savings.

MyInternetBusiness is a brand-new opportunity launched in April 2008 that serves as a vehicle for owners to sell two such internet-based products: membership in a discount luxury vacation club, and high-demand digital software that teaches users how to build multiple streams of income.

Although neither of these product lines is new to the industry, some potential investors have been turned off by the idea that similar businesses were built around: to make money with the business, you needed to 'recruit' more members, who will purchase the same package, rather than selling products.

Today we hear some shocking news on this subject from Rob Hunter, a Platinum member of MyInternetBusiness and one of the co-leaders of Mentors 4 U, the training and support group with the highest records within the industry.

"The MyInternetBusiness Retail Center has just launched...and with it, the entire online business industry will change," reveals Rob Hunter, with an eager gleam in his eye. "In the past, you could only sell individual digital products if you had expertise in web design, ad copy, and knew how to integrate it with a payment processor. Now, all MyInternetBusiness members have custom-built for them a complete retail center for selling individual products, fully-equipped with search-engine-friendly web design, killer ad copy, and integrated with either Paypal or the payment processor of your choice."

This is exciting news, because the ability to sell individual products as well as the products and opportunity together means multiple streams of income for MyInternetBusiness owners, and long-term sustainability for the business. However, we understand that such a retail marketing system must be expensive, so we asked Mr. Hunter how much members have to pay for it, or whether the cost is deducted as a royalty on sales.

"Good question, and in fact, this was the first one that I myself asked," replied Mr. Hunter. "When you sell an individual product through your MyInternetBusiness Retail Center, you keep 100% of the profits. You don't pay any royalties, or upfront costs. It's added as one more extra benefit that you get for your initial investment in MyInternetBusiness."

The media will be eagerly following the impacts this groundbreaking innovation will have on the home-based business industry. The very fact that MyInternetBusiness owners now have the ability to sell high-demand educational software and products through a cutting edge marketing system is industry-sweeping enough, but the added facts that they get it all for free as a membership perk, AND keep 100% of the profits on every sale, may well give those who promote MyInternetBusiness a seemingly-unfair advantage in this marketplace.

"And that's just fine by us," concluded Mr. Hunter with a grin.

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