My Best Lifelong Investment Is My Time Share

Libertyville, Illinois (PressExposure) September 06, 2009 -- About 1980 my wife and I heard about a time-share investment. We were on a Mexican vacation in Cancun. The time-share concept was new to us, but we thought that it was very good. After giving it some thought, we decided we would not be happy going to Cancun on an annual basis because if anybody got sick, they would have to go to a Mexican hospital. We were going to need to buy our groceries in a Mexican store locally. We also realized that we could not drive so in every trip we would have to fly. We put all this together and decided we would rather have a time-share in the US.

When we returned to the United States we heard that they were building time-share condos on the beach at Marco Island Florida. The next weekend we flew to Florida to inspect the area. The time-share that we were looking at was located two doors from Marriott Resort on the beach at Marco Island. At that time they were no buildings on the beach south of the Marriott Resort. There were several foundations being placed and we were told the Radison Resort Chain and a Hilton Resort was being planed. We walked the beach and decided that this was very desirable property. The beach was beautiful. Any kind of resort type of building would be very valuable in this location.

We realized that if our kids were going to come down to this area for vacation it would have to be at Christmas time because the dates for spring break and Easter break all change from school to school. The only consistent time for vacation for the kids would be at Christmas. We were able to get preconstruction prices for the last two weeks of the year. This included Christmas and New Years Day. We also decided that if in the unlikely event that we lost this money, we would not be losing a huge amount by buying two weeks of time-share. And so we did.

When we get home we told the kids about our purchase and they were very excited, however my wife said "I never want to be away from home at Christmas." The kids told her to "Don't knock it till you try it"

We have now been going to the same spot for about 30 years. My wife has never been home for Christmas since. Gradually over time our family grew up and we had to expand to additional units at the same time at the same place. Currently our kids have purchased time-share weeks at the same time at the same place.. Amazingly, even when our kids were teenagers we never heard them saying this year I want to go to the Virgin Islands or I want to go someplace else with my friends. The all always wanted to go to Marco Island.

Interestingly some of the people who purchased at the same time that we did, also come back every year. Our kids and their kids have grown up together over the years and have become quite close friends. Our kids have visited some of these friends in Boston and also in Cape Cod. They have also come and spend some time with us at our home and our kid's homes.

We now have all the kids and all our grandkids come to Marco Island for Christmas time. Last year we had 27.

Even if we had our own home or condo on Marco Island, we would never have the room to have everybody down at the same time. We have often said that having this time-share was one of the very best things we have ever done for our family.

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