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Southfield, Michigan (PressExposure) May 21, 2008 -- The greatest opportunity on the web! I just received an email from Never Ending Success about conference calls that are going to be available to help everyone grow their business. There are going to be 4 kinds of calls.1. Business presentation and overview calls. – This is where you invite your prospects to the call so that they can learn more about the business. These will be done twice daily Mon - Sat2. Success Marketing calls. – These calls will help you learn how to market better using both free and paid forms of marketing.

They will also teach web 2.0 marketing and how to brand yourself and your business. We have hired an expert in web 2.0 and relationship building to do these calls. This means that you will be learning how to build your business by one of the best specialists in the industry. These calls will take place once a day, 3 days a week.3.

Wake up to success calls. – These calls will focus on motivation, associate posture, lead generation, and personal development.

The purpose is simply to give all associates support, motivation, and build further team value with NES. These calls will be done every morning Mon- Fri.4. Marketing Mastermind calls. – This call will be structured with a featured guest and will go into depth around a specific training subject. For instance, we could discuss Web 2.0 notes, blogging, offline marketing, relationship building, etc. These calls will be done once a week for 2 hours.

Never Ending Success is an income opportunity that was just launched February 2, 2008. After looking at a wide variety of income opportunities and participating in several over the years, I have been pleasantly surprised by Never Ending Success. The company is similar to many other opportunities that are available on the Internet, however there are a couple of differences which I believe will make Never Ending Success a breakout company in 2008.

The first and most important change is the price. While most of the current programs are in the $500 to $1,000 range and even higher, NES has chosen a price of just $98. Getting below the $100 mark is a significant economic and psychological barrier for many people that are active on the Internet. From a marketing perspective closing a prospect on a $98 sale is much easier than closing them on a $1,000 sale. At this lower price point, the system can truly close the sale for you.

The second change is one that complements the lower price point. Rather than following the popular 2-up model that many companies have selected, Never Ending Success has adopted a 3-up model. This means that before you can begin generating profit you need to have 3 qualifying sales. However, I do not believe that this is a significant barrier. It is much easier to get three, $98 sales than two $1,000 sales. The real benefit here is that after you become qualified, each of your recruits has to give you their first 3 sales as well. So in essence a $98 sale could generate a total of almost $400.Never Ending Success is a company with great potential, but they do have a few opportunities for improvement.

The first is in their lead capture system. For $69 per month you can have the company host a lead capture page and auto responder. However, there is no tracking mechanism which means that you don't have any way of knowing whether your marketing efforts are successful. I would recommend skipping this option and going with a company such as Aweber.The only part of the system which I have not looked at is the Live Chat feature. For $40 per month, Never Ending Success will provide you with an online chat option for all of your prospects. Using the chat system, prospects can communicate with individuals who are knowledgeable about the program. According to the company, approximately 70% of all closed sales were closed by the chat system.If you are ready to get into online marketing in a big way.

Never Ending Success is the perfect program for you. If you are a beginner, the price point keeps your risk low. And if you are a heavy-hitter just imagine how many $98 sales you can make. So click on one of the links and check out Never Ending Success today.

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I am beginning to get some search engine traffic. This blog is now ranked 4th for the term Never Ending Success. This program is about to catch fire. There are some real improvements to the website due next week. Join me and enjoy the ride. If you want more info just email me at Posted by Bryan at 10:02 PM 0 comments Wednesday, April 9, 2008

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Never Ending Success Live Help

One of the great things that Never Ending Success offers, is access to live help. This feature is an additional charge over the base cost of the program, but it really offers some outstanding benefits. Read the the information below taken from the company website.Our live help feature is something that no other site has. When employed by you it allows or professionals to interact with your prospects the very first time that they visit the site. This means that your prospects can get all of their questions answered immediately instead of having to bother with sending out an email and waiting for a response. It also means that your site will be working for you whether or not you are working. We have found that over 70% of the sales made through NES are purchased by people who interact with our exclusive “live help” feature before they purchase.

This is a full time job for our professionals and they take great pride in helping your prospects make an informed decision to purchase your products from you. Think about having your own personal sales assistant working for you helping to make you sale after sale. Well when you decide to employ or live help that is exactly what you get. How much would you expect to pay for a feature like this? If you were to employ a person to do this yourself not only would you have to purchase licensing for the software but you would also have to pay a person to do attend to it. Even to get a less than ideal in person attending to your prospects you would have to pay at least $8 an hour.

If you were to hire them for 8 hours a day you would be looking at $64 a day. Well by employing our live help you not only get a very professional and very good salesperson working for you but you also get them for 12 hours a day 6 days a week. And the best part about employing our live help feature is the cost.We provide these professionals to you for only $40 a month, that is just over $1 a day to have someone working for you for over 12 hours a day. Or, for an even better value you can purchase a lifetime subscription to our exclusive live help feature for the low price of $99. This means that you will never have to worry about making another payment and you will have someone answering all your prospects questions and helping you make sales. Will our live help feature be able to close all your prospects for you? No. Will or live help unquestionably give you a much better chance at making more sales? YES!

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