Mysterious Caller Alerts Filmmaker to Obama UFO Disclosure

Los Angeles, California (PressExposure) October 28, 2009 -- When "The Top Secret UFO Project," filmmaker R. J. Thomas' parody of UFO documentaries, premiered on DVD in 2006, Mr. Thomas knew he would get reactions in all sizes and shapes.

Daily, a UFO-themed website, said that the mockrumentary film was bound to cause some confusion. Well, they turned out to be right.

"I've received phone calls. I've received e-mails. Bloggers are arguing about whether it's a fake or not," Mr. Thomas said. "Some are telling me that UFOs don't exist, and that the Bush administration had no UFO information to withold from the public. Others are saying that UFOs do exist, urging me to be patient because government UFO secrets will be exposed shortly."

But the most unusual reaction came from a caller who left a message on Mr. Thomas' voice mail on October 13th. In a deep and mysterious voice, the caller said, "We are not alone. On November 17th, President Obama will acknowledge about the aliens."

"He put a big pause in-between the two sentences." Mr. Thomas said. "I don't know if it is just the way he talks or he was doing it for dramatic effect."

The caller left no name, phone number, e-mail address, or even bothered to say whether he was affiliated with any UFO-related organization.

"He spoke in a deep, ominous voice," Mr. Thomas said. "He would be perfect to do the narration of an eerie SyFy Channel documentary or be the narrator of a haunted house amusement park ride."

Recently, Temple Productions, Mr. Thomas' Los Angeles-based entertainment company, sent out a newswire story titled, "Will Obama Be the First President to Tell the Truth About UFOs?" In the article, Mr. Thomas said that the Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political Action Committee was putting pressure on the president to come forth with any UFO information that the government has been suppressing from the American public. "The Top Secret UFO Project" is a parody of government cover-ups, and Mr. Thomas spoke of past presidents' initial intentions to bring UFO information into the light.

"The caller, more than likely, was reacting to that specific newswire story," Mr. Thomas said. "He must think I'm really anxious for Obama to spill the beans about government UFO secrets and wanted to assure me that the public won't be kept in the dark much longer."

Based on Mr. Thomas' 2004 novella of the same name, "The Top Secret UFO Project" chronicles the UFO-related events experienced by Jasper, a tiny Colorado hamlet some 75 miles south of Denver. According to the film, the town dealt with one unusual event after another in the summer of 1956. After a farmer spotted a flying saucer zipping over his property, scientists rushed into Jasper to investigate, reporters rushed in looking for stories, and government officials rushed in to keep it a secret from the world.

Billed as "the movie the government does not want you to see," "The Top Secret UFO Project," is a parody of the cheesy UFO documentaries of the 70's like "Overlords of the UFO," and of TV programs like "In Search Of."

Mr. Thomas plays a documentary filmmaker who, in 2003, discovered (by accident) some top secret government films pertaining to the Jasper Incident of 1956. This inspired him to make a documentary about Jasper's UFO story, and to discover the truth behind what really happened that mysterious summer in Colorado.

"In the mockrumentary, I play a filmmaker who gets a call from a mysterious character about government UFO cover-ups," Mr. Thomas laughed. "And now, in its' own way, it's happened in real life!"

Mr. Thomas has been a guest on "The 'X' Zone," Rob McConnell's internationally-syndicated radio program which specializes in the unusual and the unexplained.

"The Top Secret UFO Project" is on DVD at and available for download at

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