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Santa Fe, NM (PressExposure) January 13, 2009 -- T. Rex was the fiercest of them all. It’s hard to imagine a world of dinosaurs like him. But, 65 million years ago when T. Rex roamed the earth, it was a different story.

T. Rex grew to at least 40 feet in length and could easily weigh 7 tons or more. Survival of the fittest was his operating principal. As king of the food chain, he was a perfect killing machine.

His muscular jaw was five feet long with 50 banana-size, teeth capable of crushing the bones of the fiercest competitor.

T. Rex’s fate remains a mystery.

On Sept. 21, I.M. Chait Gallery, Beverly Hills, Calif., featured the head of a close relative of the T. Rex in its Natural History auction. The 29 inch long, Tyrannosaurus bataar skull unearthed in Central Asia sold for $96,000.

Here are some current values for other fossils sold in the auction.

Dinosaur skull; Protoceratops andrewsi; Cretaceous Period; Central Asia; 17 ¼ inches high; $42,000.

Seagoing reptile skull; Mosasaur; late-Cretaceous Period; Morocco; 20 inches long; $51,000.

Dinosaur skull; Ankylosaur Saichania; Cretaceous Period; Central; Asia; 13 inches high; $54,000.

Seagoing reptile skeleton; Pliosaur- Terror of the Sea; Cretaceous Period; Morocco; 98 inches high; $60,000.

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