NIFS 2010 Fitness Pick - BOSU Spice Up Your Workout Routine In 2010 While Improving Balance And Strength

Indianapolis, Indiana (PressExposure) January 04, 2010 -- The National Institute for fitness and Sport chooses BOSU as a top 2010 fitness pick due to its ability to improve body movement, increase balance and it can be catered to any fitness level – making it a fun and challenging workout for everyone. In 2010 NIFS will be offering new forms of BOSU training and introducing different program levels.

Unlike most group fitness classes, BOSU defines itself by the half ball, half platform tool upon which its hundreds of exercises can be performed at different degrees of difficulty. Two variations of its acronym further explain the concept of BOSU – “Both Sides Utilized” and “Both Sides Up.”

Both Sides Utilized describes BOSU’s training philosophy that combines both sides of the body –top and lower portions as well as right and left sides. Basically, BOSU challenges and engages every part of the human body, but focuses on the body’s core or center.

Both Sides Up refers to the ball, itself, which can be used with the flat side or platform side up or the half ball side up. Changing the side used can increase or decrease the difficulty of any given exercise.

Many participants enjoy BOSU classes because of the variety and continual challenge. With hundreds of variations, no class is the same, keeping participants and their bodies guessing. Since the body adapts to repetitive exercise, which in turn, limits the results of weight loss or muscle growth, this is a great benefit.

Angela, a 15-year member of NIFS, says that BOSU is now one of her favorite classes. “I'm 39 and would describe myself as very active. My husband and I are avid backpackers/hikers, so it's important that I stay in shape. Over the years, I've sustained various minor injuries to my knee, back and hip. BOSU has helped me get so much stronger, and I don't experienced flare ups of those old injuries.”

Mark, another member at NIFS, wasn't sure what to expect when he began the BOSU conditioning class. “At the first class I was surprised how challenging BOSU was, and I loved it immediately. I have been attending the classes with NIFS instructor Tony Maloney for about one and a half months consistently and have definitely noticed an improvement in my physique, endurance and balance. My golf swing has been strengthened significantly as well. In every class I try to improve or master a move or balance that I've had trouble with previously. I have NEVER been excited to attend a fitness class until I was introduced to BOSU. I would recommend BOSU ball for anyone who is serious about getting in shape. Even for those of you in shape, you should take BOSU to get RIPPED.”

Tony Maloney, Fitness Center Manager and BOSU instructor at NIFS sees results in older adults regaining balance and even with individuals suffering from muscle-related conditions such as those caused by strokes or Parkinsons Disease. One Parkinsons client could not stand on the BOSU ball during his first week of training, but by week two was able to stand and squat at various levels on the ball as well as do other complex movements.

“Working out on the BOSU ball causes muscles to simultaneously actively contract or “fire,” says Maloney, “this helps to rebuild neuropathways through the body, allowing the body’s muscles to remember what action to perform.”

An even greater benefit to those over 40 years of age is BOSU’s ability to retrain “fast-twitch” muscle fibers. These fibers lose their reaction ability at a rate of 10% each year after the age of 40 which explains the gradual loss in balance, coordination and stability in adults and accounts for why many older adults fall.

For those under 40, BOSU trains the muscles to respond quicker and more efficiently. In short, BOSU makes participants better movers. While the BOSU ball finds a home in rehabilitation centers it also can be found in the homes of many celebrities, Olympic-level athletes and teams who endorse and use BOSU. These include Lance Armstrong and the U.S. Olympic ski team.

Find out for yourself how BOSU can improve and challenge your muscles and core strength. Visit NIFS in downtown Indianapolis to join in a BOSU class (Free along with over 80 other group fitness classes weekly) or learn more by viewing NIFS BOSU video or visiting the Web site of BOSU’s creator, David Weck.

Each month in 2010, NIFS will release a new Fitness Pick. Each pick will promote new workout methods as well as mainstream exercises with a twist—each with the intent of putting fun back into any fitness routine. To find out more about a NIFS fitness center membership, call (317) 274-3432, e-mail or visit

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