Naperville Chiropractic Specialists Reveal Special Treatment For Text Neck

Fort Lauderdale, FL (PressExposure) March 14, 2013 -- There are reports that constant text messaging can cause a health problem called Text Neck. The reason for this is people strain their necks to better see the screen of their cellular phones. Over time, this action can cause headaches, a stiff neck, and pain in the shoulder area. Stress to both the arm and the hand can also occur, which could eventually lead to bulging discs and burning pain if left untreated. A team of Naperville Chiropractic specialists recently announced the launch of their latest special treatment program to address the effects of Text Neck.

A representative of Synergy Pain Relief stated that a team of Naperville Chiropractic Specialists underwent training a few months ago and came back trained to administer a non-invasive treatment to help people who are suffering from this health problem. The representative declared that the treatment is especially directed to those who are already suffering from bulging discs. The representative explained that bulging discs can often be found in the lower back but it can also affect the neck area. The same representative explains that a bulging disc in the neck is usually caused when a person slouches while sitting or standing. This also occurs when people send and read a lot of text messages, resulting in a strained position for the neck and upper back.

There is however hope for clients with this condition. A team of Naperville Chiropractic specialists from Synergy Pain Relief who participated in a training seminar can now administer a non-invasive treatment to correct the problem. Naperville Bulging Discs cases can be treated without the patient having to go under the knife and without having to take any medication. According to a statement from Synergy Pain Relief, patients suffering from bulging disc pain can be subjected to a combination of chiropractic and physical therapy treatments.

The treatment can be done at the Synergy Pain Relief clinic in Naperville and the patient can be treated as an out-patient during the entire program to treat the bulging disc pain. Synergy Pain Relief is an integrative health care facility composed of licenses chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, acupuncturists, and other health care practitioners. They aim to provide non-invasive health care treatment to give relief from shoulder, neck and back pains.

They also specialize in fibromyalgia, herniated, bulging, and degenerative discs, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome and now, Text Neck. Get more information about and learn about the services of the Synergy Pain Relief Health and Wellness clinic. They manage pain better and can guarantee results within a few days with their therapy program specially designed to address the client's issues.

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There are reports that constant text messaging can cause a health problem called Text Neck

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