National Expert Reveals Amazing Chicken Soup for Foreclosures - "Free and Easy Foreclosure Tips" That Educate Homeowners On How To Keep Their Homes

Fort Lauderdale, FL (PressExposure) June 08, 2008 -- With the release of Clint Cohen's "Free and Easy Foreclosure Tips," the world is getting ready to view what once was an impossible secret, and expose the real inner workings of the foreclosure process.

Going beyond what anyone has ever offered previously, he is uncovering the myths and lies about foreclosures and is revealing the real, honest and the brutal truth designed for the homeowners facing these situations.

"Free and Easy Foreclosure Tips" reveals everything you need to know and it explains how to resolve the issues without a law degree and keep your home.

People from all over the United States are feeling the sad effects of a possible foreclosure action against their own home, a relative or someone that they may know. The statistics are very high and continuing to increase daily adding to the ailing economic woes and an already declining real estate market.

It's a most humbling experience and is usually coupled with some other collapsing situations in their lives. The biggest questions with urgency are, "what do I do and who should I call"? No one wants to lose their largest investment, their own home. They need the correct answers now along with some hope.

Here's the truth of what's going on. A foreclosure filing becomes public knowledge and all the vultures are coming out to help themselves. They all advertise that they will help, rescue and or assist, but it's just a scam.

There is never an interest in helping the homeowner, and if so, they want money that is usually not available. The truth be known, NO ONE can stop a foreclosure.

Clint shares the Free and Easy Foreclosure Tips and explains the detailed process with all the many available options if the homeowner takes action quickly.

The homeowner can get up to speed very quickly as they educate themselves on the best possible solutions that will assist them in keeping their homes. If they have faced reality and have decided to move on, then they can learn how to sell it quickly and save their credit. Once educated without half-truths, they will be able to make the very best decisions for their families.

The honest truth is the banks do NOT want to take back homes and are just as anxious to help the people to stay and work with them. If only the homeowner would know the truth and the many available options.

Even the borrowers that are facing an increase in monthly mortgage payment, the monthly payment can be stayed or even possibly reduced.

Clint is a national expert specializing in foreclosures and challenging real estate problems and situations. All the many myths and lies are being uncovered and the real truth is being exposed. Powerful strategies and secret weapons that most in the real estate industry are not even aware of.

Over the years Clint has helped many homeowners to negotiate with the banks and keep their homes, all without any charge. In multiple cases the borrowers were able to stay with a very solvable problem, but yet without knowing, the borrowers were packing to leave and give up.

The banks just wanted to talk and resolve, but the borrowers just threw in the towel because they lacked the valuable education.

These homeowners will regret it later when they discover the facts.

There are just so many ways to stand up and fix these problems. Often times they may have to face reality, but at least make the best of it and save face.

They will learn why filing for bankruptcy will not help; in fact the monthly payments are generally higher. 80% that file are dismissed and lose the home anyway. Learn what all the callers, letters and post cards really want.

A few may be actually able to help, but most really don't know what they are doing. Just finished reading a book. Learn who can help and who to avoid.

If the homeowner is upside down with multiple loans and does not want the property, learn a way to sell the home very quickly, get the realtor and all the closing costs paid. Get out of the deal clean and have the bank forgive the outstanding debt completely without any further obligations.

The Free and Easy Foreclosure Tips will take the homeowner by the hand, present all the many available options and then guide them step-by-step through the process in a direction of whatever their decisions may be.

Clint is a true expert and explains the A-Z of foreclosures at a level that even a seventh grader can easily understand. A real eye opener for all homeowners.

To learn more about Free and Easy Foreclosure Tips and read an informative article about the Truth Of Foreclosures, please visit our website. Understand the brutal and honest truth about foreclosures without any pressure and with the sole motive of educating only.

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