National Networker Cites Innovation As "ONLY ROUTE" To Economic Survival

Philadelphia, PA (PressExposure) February 26, 2009 -- Douglas Castle, a Director of TNNW said, “After Fed Chairman Bernanke’s weak and uncertain testimony yesterday, American individuals are going to have to re-visit the long -neglected ideas of savings and accumulating wealth, while businesses will have to make deep, painful fixed cost and personnel cuts due to the absence of any enforceable incentive on the part of banks to extend any credit.”

Several Members of TNNW have already come up with some ingenious approaches to dealing with the prolonged recession with its lack of safe investment strategies and the scarcity of bank financing. Jake Thompson of Eagle Capital Management ( has some absolutely fascinating (and little-known) financial strategies for creating and preserving wealth. These particular techniques have been utilized for many years by major banks and financial institutions, as well as by some very wealthy individuals, to earn superior returns and accumulate wealth without taking any of the risks ordinarily associated with “playing the stock market” or getting involved in direct participation programs or hedge fund investing. Jake and his father, Dan, can make these strategies available to us ‘regular’ people who have been decimated by the whims of the capital markets, had their 401k plans depleted, and are disillusioned. Many executives, professionals and entrepreneurs now find themselves in a position where they have no latitude left for risky investments or “great investment tips.”

TNNW will be working with Jake and Eagle to produce a webinar series titled “Becoming Your Own Bank.” Each of the webinars in this information-packed series will be an educational program of the highest quality. TNNW will keep the public apprised of the webinar dates. Bruce Newman, of The Productivity Institute, LLC. ( has created a program in response to the demands of many companies who are trying to reduce fixed costs of operations and for projects. It entails a thorough, independent “Needs Analysis” wherein excessively expensive (but decreasingly useful) employees can either have their responsibilities increased and consolidated, or they can be replaced by contractual rated consultants pre-qualified by Newman’s firm. Regarding Newman’s Corporate Needs Analysis Product, Douglas Castle commented, “The time to do this analysis is today – not six months from now when your organization is crushed under the weight of its unchecked fixed costs and overhead.

From a practical standpoint, if I could spend several thousand dollars today, just this once, in order to potentially save ten times that amount every single month for the next year or longer, I would have made a brilliant investment. Frankly, I believe that a Needs Analysis is an investment that no company can afford not to make.” Bruce Newman can be reached at for further information about this program. Adam Kovitz added, “We, at THE NATIONAL NETWORKER, pride ourselves on providing life-giving and life-saving services to businesses. If commerce is not encouraged, unemployment will continue its devastating growth.”


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