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Croydon Nth, Australia (PressExposure) May 07, 2009 -- Andrew Verity, well-accomplished in many fields, would like to share with everyone what he knows about stress. Stress is a common factor in most people's lives. People of all ages experience it. In small amounts, it can be helpful as the attention and focus of the person experiencing it is heightened. However, the effects become adverse as the level of stress increases. In such cases, the situation must be controlled in order to prevent further discomfort and harmful effects.

What causes stress?

Stress can be a multi-factorial condition. This means that there may be more than one factor that causes it. Generally, the causes of stress may be physical or psychological.

The physical causes of stress may include the circumstances that surround the person. It may be brought by poor environmental conditions. Physical activities that are too vigorous may also result in stress. The psychological causes of stress may include family, relationship, financial and social problems.

How to eliminate stress?

The easiest and most practical way to eliminate stress is to address the issue. Try to resolve the problem by thinking of solutions. A natural method of eliminating stress is to take one's self away from the surroundings that are causing the stress. Once the causes are eliminated, the stress will diminish.

There are other natural methods to eliminate stress. Exercising is an example. Doing these physical activities stimulates the body to produce endorphins. These endorphins are known as the substance responsible for creating pleasure and happiness.

Listening to music is another natural method of eliminating stress. Playing a relaxing song will definitely cause a mood change. The music will help take the mind off from the strenuous state that the person is experiencing.

The Remedy According To Andrew

There are also many natural herbal remedies known to relieve stress, anxiety and depression. Chamomile and lavender are just few of nature's creations that possess stress-relieving properties. Substances are extracted from herbs and processed into supplements that can be used daily or as needed. An advantage to using natural herbal remedies is that these are nature's products against stress. There's no need to worry that it contains chemicals and other substances that are harmful to the body.

Andrew Verity has diplomas in Gold, Silversmith, Naturopathy, Homeopathy and Iridology. He started the largest kinesiology centre in the southern hemisphere at age 30. He researched his own integration of health modalities, developmental work, and completed master training in NLP. He also wrote new workshops, started an association for Specialized Kinesiology in Australia and become the president of the international body for 6 years.

At age 49, Andrew founded the company Neuro-Training P/L. He now has over 40 workshops on Neuro-training. He has taught all over the world since 1988, mostly using his own original work. Now his focus and attention are on the internet. In the last 2 years, he has trained in International Speaking, Internet Business Strategies, Altitude, etc. Andrew is now busy writing his own books on Neuro-Training and starting the International Association of Neuro-Trainers.


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