Natural Origin Online Store now Selling Bodytox Natural Warm Patches

Witham, United Kingdom (PressExposure) February 06, 2012 -- Natural Origin has now become the online store for Bodytox natural warm patches. Natural Origin offers various Organic Health Products that are used to provide relief from the hectic mundane life, environmental aging and chemicals in food. Bodytox is one of the known brands in the UK that sells natural warm patches, lavender sleep patches and Detox Foot Patches.

Bodytox products essentially help the people to get rid of the general stresses of modern day living which results in uncomfortable aches and pains.

So if you are the victim of the pains and stress as a result of your modern lifestyle, Bodytox natural warm patches can help you rejuvenate the benefits of Detox while you dream and soothe weariness, aches and discomfort.

It uses a potent combination of high quality natural ingredients that aids in cleaning the liver, kidneys, colon or other body functions by placing the patch on the specific area of the foot or body.

Bodytox natural warm patches are most effective when positioned on core areas like: ankles, knee, back, neck or the affected area of the body. These patches are used along with a warm-heat pigment and worldwide patented micro-capsules.

There are more than 360 acupuncture points in a human body including 60 acupuncture points on the sole of the feet. Also, around 7,000 nerve endings are found exclusively on the sole of the feet. Therefore, you can target each of these points to revitalise your body.

The ingredients of Bodytox natural warm patches combine and work together to create negative ions (molecules which produce biochemical reactions that help to:

• Alleviate depression
• Relieve stress
• Boost daytime energy
• Absorbs the harmful toxins from the body
• Improve quality of sleep and increase defence against infection)

The pores of the skin open with the help of far infrared rays (micro-encapsulated in the patches) and thus, stored waste can be extracted from the body under osmotic pressure (natural force) from the blood circulating to the soles of the feet and lymphatic system that leads to the removal of toxins waste matter.

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