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Westchester, CA (PressExposure) June 21, 2009 -- What do you need to know about the penis and the proverbial Fast Size Extender that you see advertised online? Some of these products that you will see advertised claim to enhance both length and girth. They may also claim to be medically backed by a doctor's advice. You may be surprised to learn that some companies claim to offer a full money back refund. What should you know about these devices?

The first product in this category of fast size extender is that of a penis pump. This cylinder fits over a man's erect penis and will be operated either by electricity or through manual energy. The intent here is to create a vacuum around the penis so that it becomes engorged with blood. As this vacuum increases, so does the difference between inner blood-pressure and pump pressure, and theoretically the penis increases slightly in length and girth. When successfully used, penis muscles can be strengthened. However, caution must be exercised when using such a "toy" as over-pumping can lead to burst blood vessels.

Jelqing is a different method and a fast size extender, which can be performed via toy or using one's own hands. This involves one attempting to enlarge the penis by manipulating the smooth muscles and other tissues inside the organ. Theoretically, these devices would allow for a permanent increase in erection size because they encourage vascularity in the corpus cavernosa and other tissues. (The hand manipulation technique involves using the thumb and index finger in much the same way) Over-use or improper use of jelqing devices can also result in burst blood vessels.

Lastly, there is a technique called clamping, which is usually performed with a c-ring (and you can guess what that stands for), or any other object that constricts the erect penis during extended masturbation or foreplay. Like all other toys, high tech and low tech, caution must be used not to over-engorge the penis with blood.

Read up on the "instructions" of how to use each of these Fast Size Extender devices and always put your safety and health first.


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