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Fair Grove, Missouri (PressExposure) February 05, 2009 -- Natural Stem Cell Enhancer: Published Study Shows Dramatic Results

In a major development within the emerging adult stem cell industry, a peer-reviewed scientific study showed that consuming 2 capsules of a patented concentrate of the aqua-botanical Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA) gave rise to an average 25% increase in the number of circulating adult stem cells released by the bone marrow.

Not to be confused with controversial embryonic stem cells, adult stem cells are present in the bone marrow from birth and are in essence the body's natural renewal system. According to the recent findings, adult stem cells can become virtually any cell in the body.

The study, published in the September, 2007 edition of the peer-reviewed journal, Cardiovascular Revascularization Medicine, has enormous implications because recent scientific data shows that higher levels of circulating adult stem cells equate to greater health and wellness. Supporting the natural release of 25 percent more stem cells - which equates to approximately 3-4 million additional stem cells in the bloodstream - could be one of the most effective methods found to maintain optimal health.

"Everyone could potentially benefit from this clinically studied patented AFA concentrate," said Donna Antarr, MD, a vice president with the company that markets the patented AFA concentrate. According to Dr. Antarr, "All types of people, athletes and couch potatoes alike, seem to benefit from supporting their natural renewal process through stem cell enhancers. It really is amazing what your body can do if you just support its natural ability to help itself."

Supporting the natural release of adult stem cells may be the best answer yet for those looking to achieve optimal health, and thanks to modern science it has now been shown in a double-blind placebo controlled study that a genuine natural stem cell enhancer really does exist. This represents a major breakthrough for health-conscious consumers and an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs who understand the tremendous demand for such a product.

More information about the patented AFA concentrate and related marketing opportunities may be obtained by visiting the following website: GetHealthyCells/

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