Navigating the Crossroads: Life Beyond A Levels

Singapore, Singapore (PressExposure) March 22, 2011 -- While it is undeniable that being in junior college is the most crucial time of your life, it is also important to consider life beyond A Levels. It is at this juncture that most students stumble upon the dilemma of deciding the right course to take in university. At Anthony Tuition, apart from being committed in providing quality Physics tuition and Mathematics tuition, we are concerned about students making an informed decision with regards to their university courses for it may decide one's future career. Hence, to help students navigate the crossroads, we have launched a new feature in which senior students in the local universities shed some light about the course they are studying.

Through this feature, students who are applying for university will be able to get the raw and honest opinions of current students about the various courses. Such information is important because it reflects the perspectives of students who are currently going through the system as compared to the information provided by graduates or professors who are distanced by time and experience. Additionally, one will be able to gain detailed insights into a particular course such as the modules offered or the type of assessment one will be put through which are not provided by other sources due to their own constraints.

Furthermore, this feature will give students a reality check. One of the components that we ask our senior undergraduates to provide is the relevant A level scores that they got which allowed them to take that particular course. This will also give students who have gotten their A level certificate to do a quick tally to measure the odds of getting into their desired course. For example, most of the undergraduates who are in the engineering faculty have gotten As or Bs in subjects like H2 Mathematics and H2 Physics. Therefore, if one were to obtain Bs and Cs in those areas, there is a slight chance that one may not be able to get in and that student may want to explore more options. This is due to the fact that entry requirements do vary from year to year depending on the decisions made by the university as well as the competition for that year.

While it is stated that the new feature is a guide for those who have completed their A levels, it is equally useful for students who are still in junior college. In fact, it could very well help them ensure that they do not fall into a situation in which their options in applying for university are too constrained. Having such a reference can act as an inspirational boost to improve one's grades by possibly going for mathematics and physics tuition should the grades in these subjects be found wanting and an obstacle in achieving one's desired course. Of course, if that truly were the case, one can always approach Anthony Tuition for guidance in those subjects.

Having said that, we aim to go beyond the common boundaries of tutoring for the lessons do not stop at the classroom. We want students, regardless of whether they have engaged the services of Mr. Anthony or not, to be able to excel in life of which the first step begins at preparing for and choosing the right university course. It is also through the provision of such guidance, which most tuition sites do not offer, that we hope to encourage students to go for Mathematics and Physics tuition conducted by Mr. Anthony should they need help in those areas.

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It is common for students to be at a loss in choosing their university course after obtaining their A level results. In acknowledging this common problem, Anthony Tuition - a Singaporean tuition website, has taken the extra mile by launching a new feature on their website which has senior undergraduates providing insights into the various courses that they are studying at the various local universities. In doing so, the website hopes that students will be able to use this as a guide in making a wise choice about university courses and their future.

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