Neco System Announces New Hair Solution!

Columbus, Ohio (PressExposure) August 01, 2012 -- Enterprising 28-year-old Ohio State University graduate, and owner/operator of the recently launched website, Neco System, Nicki Miller has today announced the release of a new natural hair enhancement therapy, designed to help give a lot of people the solution to their hair needs that they had yet to find.

"With hair being a big issue among women and girls of color, this new natural hair enhancement therapy will certainly become the product of choice to help people address the varying issues they face with their hair on a daily basis," says Ms. Miller, who claimed this new hair product is an innovation that most women are unaware of yet very much in need of. "I believe there are a lot of people out there who have some serious hair issues, but look as they may, have not been able to find that alternative hair treatment solution. I was once such a person; it worked for me, and I know that it can fit the different needs of so many people," adds Ms. Miller.

With this new natural hair enhancement therapy now available, young girls all over can now have softer, more manageable hair without the use of harsh treatments. Ms. Miller notes the product is also great for women who want natural healthy hair, but need some softness and manageability to take out some of the strain that it takes to manage it... because natural hair is a hustle for people with certain hair types.

"If a relaxer or texturizer is a must, it can be used in conjunction, helping to stretch the time in between touch-ups which is great because it helps to reduce the risk of overlapping treatments and possibly over-processing the hair," notes Ms. Miller, further claiming the new hair product will help to dramatically reduce frizz from humidity which is a big plus.

She says the new hair product also adds to the hair versus taking away from it like so many products do.

Ms. Miller, who personally prefers her hair straight, argues that in the summertime she wears it curly because it's hot and it gives her hair a break from the heat which is good for it. "It helped me transition out of relaxers seamlessly, and last but not least, there is no burning or irritation... just an enhanced version of your own natural hair type," she points out.

Noting that the new hair product is safe for any hair type, not just women of color, Ms. Miller adds that if a person has a fuzzy, less than perfect hair type, they can use the product too. "The only difference would be in how it is recommended that they use it," she noted.

Ms. Miller also says this hair product can be used along with other product lines, meaning it can easily fit into existing hair care regimens. According to her, there are no special/neutralizing shampoos required. "This product stands alone, yet works well with other products," Ms. Miller concludes.

About Neco System

Neco System is a brand new company that works with some of the leading hair care professionals and specialists. It is based on the the newest, most innovative technology that the hair care industry has to offer. Our Natural Hair Enhancement Therapy can be found at along with a list of attributes, ingredients, usage, an explanation of our unique formula and more. We can also be found on facebook at []

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