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Chicago, IL (PressExposure) July 08, 2009 -- As medical cultures continue to evolve, it has become acceptable to synergistically combine the effectiveness of both orthodox western medical practices with eastern holistic medical philosophies. After careful review and study of Needle-Free Acupuncture, HD Medspa and Clinic has determined that this is a therapy that has benefits for Medspa patients seeking alternative medicine solutions for individual health maintenance needs.

PHILOSOPHY OF TRADITIONAL ACUPUNTURE Traditional acupuncture is based in eastern medical philosophy. This philosophy believes that there is a network of meridians (lines) that travel and intersect throughout the body and carry life sustaining blood and ‘qi’ (energy). This philosophy further believes that various disease states, discomfort and/or illnesses occur when there is a blockage in one or more of the body’s meridians. The blockage(s) are believed to result in internal organ imbalance which leads to pain and other ill health effects.

Traditional acupuncture stimulates these meridians with the insertion of tiny, hair-like needles through the skin. This is believed to help remove the blockage(s) and ensure the blood and ‘qi’ flow is restored to its natural state. By doing so, balance is restored to the internal organs. Wellness is then regained by allowing and assisting the body to naturally heal (holistically), without ill side effects.

Needle-Free Acupuncture, instead, incorporates the philosophy of traditional acupuncture with the use of non-invasive Health Recovery Chips, based on extensively researched silicone nanotechnology. This modern technology safely stimulates acupuncture points along the body’s meridians, without penetrating the skin with needles.

HEALTH RECOVERY CHIPS AND HEALING TECHNOLOGY Health Recovery Chips are the functional basis for Needle-Free Acupuncture. These chips are patented and made of a silicon molecular construction, based on nanotechnology. This sophisticated and highly specific technology allows for greater surface area penetration than that of traditional acupuncture needles. The silicon surface of the chips interacts with the body’s meridians at the molecular level. Health Recovery Chips are able to influence and adjust the cells of the body’s acupuncture points, stimulating circulatory and acupuncture channels.

The Health Recovery Chips create a ‘heating’ or ‘warming’ sensation that is generated from the body’s own bio-electric potential. The warmth that is experienced is the body’s heat; the Health Recovery Chips do not change temperature.

The Health Recovery Chips initiate a reaction at the cellular level similar to biochemical-molecular communication. In reaction to this cellular message potentiated by the Health Recovery Chips, cell-to-cell communication occurs, initiating the healing process. The cells become electrically charged, increasing circulatory and energetic activity. This is truly a unique and gentle healing experience.

TREATMENT PROCEDURE The timeframe for a standard Needle-Free Acupuncture treatment is between 45-60 minutes. During the treatment, the patient is made comfortable in a private examination room. Between five to ten Health Recovery Chips will be strategically placed on the body area(s) of concern. The patient will then be left alone in the quiet of the exam room to allow adequate Health Recovery Chip residence time and surface penetration. This is a non-invasive procedure and is generally relaxing and pain-free.

Many clients relate that they have experienced relief from using the Health Recovery Chips with less time allotted for a standard treatment, while others have found benefit in applying the Health Recovery Chips for a longer period of time. Treatment efficacy is therefore based on individual physiological differences.

If Health Recovery Chips are placed on the body for less time of a standard treatment, they may not be effective. If, however, the patient has them on for a longer time period, the only post-treatment complication may be mild, temporary skin sensitivity at the point where Health Recovery Chips were applied, upon showering or bathing.

STANDARD FREQUENCY OF TREATMENTS Dr. Diaz will suggest an appropriate course of treatment based upon an initial discussion and consultation with the patient, their level of ill health and the patient’s desired health recovery goal.

One treatment is equal to a single 45-60 minute application of the Health Recovery Chips. One course of treatments is generally equal to a series of 10 treatments with 2 day rest intervals between treatments, where there is no application of Health Recovery Chips.

Therefore, Needle-Free Acupuncture is generally accomplished in a series of either five or ten separate treatments per course. A course of treatments is accomplished in approximately a two to four week time period. For this reason, Needle-Free Acupuncture is bundled in packages of 5 and 10 treatments. Single treatments are available upon request. Call HD Medspa and Clinic for package prices.

In general, we recommend an entire course of treatments for any chronic pain or disease condition. Generally, the more chronic the condition, the longer the duration of treatments will that will be required.

The following is a Course Schedule Example for Needle-Free Acupuncture Treatments (45-60 minute each).

Chronic Pain/Anxiety/Facial Rejuvenation

Week One               Week Two             Week Three            Week Four
Mon:   Treatment 1     Mon:   Treatment 4   Mon:    Treatment 7   Mon: Treatment 10
Thurs: Treatment 2     Thurs: Treatment 5   Thurs:  Treatment 8	
Sat:   Treatment 3     Sat:   Treatment 6   Sat:    Treatment 9

For conditions such as anxiety, or when the patient’s goal is to reduce dependence on prescription medication, 5-10 courses of treatment will be necessary. Insomnia, as another example, may require only 1 to 2 treatments per course.

No matter the course of treatment undertaken, most patients generally experience some level of effectiveness within their first full treatment, with many seeing effective results within as little as 1-2 treatments.

FACIAL REJUVENATION Needle-Free Acupuncture is also effective and alternative therapy in providing facial rejuvenation similar in effect to a facelift without the risks of traditional acupuncture. Facial fine lines and wrinkles may be significantly reduced after a few Needle-Free Acupuncture treatments. In addition, facial skin will glow and look and feel healthier.

Needle-Free Acupuncture facial rejuvenation will require, on average an initial course of five to ten 45-60 minute treatments followed by monthly maintenance treatments.

WHO MAY BENEFIT FROM NEEDLE-FREE ACUPUNCTURE Needle-free acupuncture is effective for a gamete of medical conditions, such as asthma, chronic back pain, high cholesterol, infertility and athletic injuries and conditions. The following is a partial list of professions and personal situations that may benefit from Needle-Free Acupuncture therapy.

Retired Athletes      Sports coaches or instructors      Fitness instructors 
Trades persons        Waiters/waitresses                 Musicians
Teachers              Alcoholics                         Drug Addicts
Students              Grieving People                    Chemotherapy Patients
Dizziness             Prostate Enlargement               Kidney Conditions
Common Cold           Menstrual conditions               Weight Loss
Irritable Bowel       Sore Throat                        High Blood Pressure
epilepsy              General Weakness                   Impotence

CONTRAINDICATIONS Currently, there is no information regarding pregnant women and the use of the Health Recovery Chips. Therefore, in order to be conservative, it is not recommended as a therapy for women in this condition.

Health Recovery Chips will not interfere with the operation of implanted pace makers.

If you believe that Needle-Free Acupuncture therapy may assist you in your health goals and would like further information or a complimentary consultation, please see

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