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Panchkula, India (PressExposure) March 02, 2012 -- Are you at the losing end of every discussion?

Do you feel that other people always have the last say in matters?

Do you feel that your rightful demands are not met?

If the answer is yes, it shows you lack of negotiation skills and it is high time you took matters in hand by joining a Negotiation Course. We encounter various situations in our lives on a day to day basis where our negotiation skills are put to the test. It may be as important as deciding on what your salary must be in your new job or something as simple as agreeing on who was going to do the dishes that night. With the proper negotiation skill you can control the outcome of any situation and walk away with a better deal. The outcome must be satisfactory to both the parties concerned.

A shopkeeper in Kanpur enlightened me on how to do this. I have always wondered how he managed to employ the best sales people in his showroom. He revealed his secret of providing rent free accommodations to out of town employees. He also paid the transport expenses of employees living in the city. These extra perks he says have more value than any hike in pay. The satisfied employees in return work really hard to increase the profit margin of the business.

Similarly a relative in Lucknow told me of how his son, a maths graduate, managed to reduce the rent of his apartment by coaching the teenage sons of his landlord, free of charge in his spare time. The constant supply of delicious food from the grateful mother was an added bonus! You may have noticed that not everyone is a good negotiator. Some people manage to botch up a deal by merely opening their mouths. Well they need not despair as these skills can be acquired with proper coaching.

How will you benefit from enrolling in a Negotiations Course?

The importance of negotiation is widely recognized especially in the business world. Universities in cities like Noida and Faridabad have negotiation courses in their curriculum.

Some of the basic rules you learn are

• To behave fairly with the person you are negotiating.

• To recognize the right moment to walk away.

• To know instinctively the right approach to the matter at hand.

• To find the best possible deal so that you get your way more often.

• To reach a compromise benefitting both parties without causing any hard feelings.

Simulation exercises provided as part of the course gives you an idea of what to expect when faced with such situations in real life. Seminar style discussions have also proved to be very beneficial as you learn about other people` experiences.

For those who have neither the time nor inclination to join a regular course, Online Negotiation Courses are available on the Internet. These courses are very flexible and can be fitted into any busy schedule. So grab the chance to learn something useful and turn yourself into a Super Negotiator!

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If the answer is yes, it shows you lack of negotiation skills and it is high time you took matters in hand by joining a Negotiation Course

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