Nereus Alarms Is The Best Manufacturers of LPG And Carbon Monoxide Detectors In The UK

Poole, Uk (PressExposure) April 10, 2012 -- You might have heard about the gas detectors and alarms that help monitoring the levels of harmful gases in your surroundings, but have you ever heard of the gas detectors that are designed specifically for boats? It is understood that the environment of boat is going to be full of moisture and there are chances that the tiny droplets of water might affect the normal functioning of safety devices like patrol vapour detector, LPG detector and Carbon monoxide detector that are installed in the boats. Therefore, the engineers must take care of water-proofing the gas detectors so that they are able to perform efficiently in the moist air as well.

Many times, we fail to recognise the brains that work behind the production of such magnificent safety devices that work efficiently in the toughest situations. However, it will be pleasurable experience to get a brief introduction about the company that is responsible for the production of high class gas detectors and alarms for boats. Nereus Alarms is the best producers of the safety devices for boats, such as Carbon monoxide detector, Patrol vapour detector, and combined gas alarm for LPG and patrol vapour. Each product is tested for its quality, before sending it into market.

The emission and accumulation of toxic gases is always considered to be a big threat within the manufacturing units, residential spaces, and even on the boats. Only a few people realise that the odourless and colourless gases like Carbon monoxide can cause serious health problems among the individuals, make them unconscious and even kill them mercilessly. Being alert is the only way to get escaped from the hazards of this silent killer. Therefore, it is extremely essential to install the high-quality Carbon monoxide detector in all such places that might be susceptible to the hazardous levels of CO. Nereus Alarms helps the boats owners to add the specially designed gas detectors in their boats, so as to avoid the unexpected incidences of intoxication caused due to harmful levels of certain gases. It also helps in preventing the fire incidences that are usually caused due to the higher levels of inflammable gases, such as LPG and patrol vapour gas

The significance of installing the best quality gas detectors in the boats and crafts cannot be ignored in the recent times, when the mankind has started using the technically advanced gadgets in almost every walk of life. If, you are interested in earning more knowledge regarding the company that engages itself in the manufacturing and marketing of unique quality gas detectors and alarms, then you must pay a visit to its website at

About Nereus Alarms Ltd

Nereus Alarms is a well established manufacturer of gas detectors and alarm systems that are meant to be installed on boats. The company helps the owners of boats and crafts to equip their vessels with the variety of safety gadgets, such as patrol vapour detector, LPG detector, and Carbon monoxide detector, so that the incidences caused due to the hazardous levels of any of these gases can be avoided. Neurus Alarms is the single gas detector manufacturers that have the membership of British Marine Federation and British Marine Electronics Association. The gas detectors and alarms that are produced at Nereus Alarms are CE marked and fulfil the requirements of European Directives.

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