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Nanning City, China (PressExposure) August 06, 2009 -- Netman is free remote control software and has been approved by antivirus software.It adopts the DSE encrypt mode generally used by banks and sets treble password protection, making itself safe and reliable.Once it is installed in a computer, you can control the computer everywhere. Working with our computer controller, this software enables you to conduct a series operation: remote boot-auto dialup-remote control-auto shut up, which can improve your work efficiency greatly.

Netman also support hidden control. If you want to monitor your children, staffs or lovers without their notice, please install the Remote Control Edition (the gray one) in the package. Besides the function of hidden control, functions as kinephoto recording, video recording, voice monitoring are also available. What's more, Netman (Remote Control) makes all these hidden.

If you are the manager of a company and want to control many computers, we suggest you use Netman Enterprise Edition which can control a lot of computers at the same time with the functions as screen wall, video wall, boot and shutdown in batch, file sending in batch and hidden control available

< Differences between Netman and other remote control software>

1. Netman is NAT accessible and user-friendly. As long as you have access to the internet and know your partner's IP/ID and control password, you can control his computer without any settings. Other remote control software mostly can only control computers within the same local area network.You ave to buy space to control a computer in outer net. It's also necessary to do port mapping in router, which layman don't know at all. More, you can hardly access one's router and set it.

2. Netman can work with high security. It manages date with DSE encrypt mode generally used by banks. Combined with treble password protection (login password, control password and system password), you have no reason to worry about illegal control over you computer. What's more, you decide the disk or disks to be controlled. As to most other remote control software, they are developed by individuals with their access to the users' computers. When you use those remote control software you yourself are under other's control, and that's why most remote control software are taken as virus.

3. Netman has high speed and multi functions. The software adopts UDP protocol to penetrate intranet. When carry out remote control, it can choose TCP or UDP protocol according to the net environment. Plus that it is typical p2p software, the speed of remote control is much more faster than other software. Besides, it enables you to block your counterpart's mouse, blaken his screen, upload and download his files,, edit and search his files, and conduct audio and video monitoring and recording,remote control(you can also record or take a picture)on desktops at the same time.

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