Network Marketers Now Use Web 2.0 to Develop Their Organisations

Warrington, United Kingdom (PressExposure) January 29, 2009 -- Recently there has been a real Sea change with the way multi level marketing (MLM) organisations use the Web to do business. Today more and more Network marketing business owners are using web 2.0 to recruit and sponsor people. Those MLM business owners who take the time to learn the new skills can have a huge advantage over those ho are stuck with the 'Old School' methods of marketing.

In today's market prospects and customers demand fast loading, media rich, feed driven sites. Web 2.0 is the home of blogs and the user generated content of social media. Web 2.0 has changed the way potential customers and prospects decide and make their minds up about which products and services to purchase. In fact Web 2.0 has changed the dynamics of what is traditionally called the 'sales funnel'. In the 90's many companies viewed the Internet as necessary evil. They produced websites that 'Pushed' the marketing / advertising message. These sites were like brochures. They had every piece of info possible about what was being promoted. This included details of the CEO, history of the company and scientific details of each and every product on offer. If they used email campaigns or banner ads they were often seen as being ahead of the 'game'. Thew sole objective of these sites was to get as many 'eyeballs' there as possible. Little consideration was ever given to engaging the customer.

Marketing campaigns involved mass media Internet, TV, Newspapers, Radio etc. The goal was simple, expose as many people as possible to the message and filter these out as they passed in a linear direction down through the sales funnel. Hopefully at the end of this process there would be people left that would ultimately become customers. The problem is that today's prospects demand more than just static, linear, HTML pages. They crave smart, rich applications that are user generated, spontaneous and instantly gratifying. The sales funnel has been replaced by the 'Fish'. The sales funnel narrows as the prospect moves through the process. However, with the fish model the entry point is narrow but it widens out into the belly before narrowing again at the tail.

Rather than 'Old School' mass media advertising campaigns, 'smart' companies and business owners now focus and target the type of people they wish to attract. Once inside the fish these prospects engage in many new types of activities as they take the 'scenic' route. These activities may include: writing a review, posting a comment, uploading a video, uploading a photo, participating in a forum or reading an RSS feed. The main difference here compare to the funnel system is that it is multi directional. The prospect controls what they do, where they go and how they interact. Having made their decision they then pass through the narrower tail section and emerge as a new customer or distributor. It is important to note that consumers now value and measure brand quality by listening to other peoples recommendations. They take less notice of the messages being sent out from the company itself.

This is were the savvy MLM and Network Marketers can gain a huge advantage over those who do not embrace this new Web 2.0 technology. If you set up your marketing system to capitalise on this 'journey' that the prospect takes through the belly of the fish, you can have far more success. For those business owners who insist on ignoring these trends and keep their heads stuck firmly in the sand it will become harder and harder to compete with you. All it takes are a couple of tweaks to your marketing system. Examples of sites that can be utilised may include: MySpace, Facebook, Youtube, eBay, flickr and ning. You need to set up and use the new social media sites. Nevertheless, just as important is how you actually communicate with your audience on these sites. You need to offer valuable content and learn how to position yourself as a leader. By doing these small things you will attract very high quality leads to you. In fact you will become the Hunted instead of the Hunter, this is often referred to as attraction marketing or magnetic sponsoring.

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Grant Thomson

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Grant has spent many years working in the home based business environment. During this time he has made his far share of mistakes. Grant now wishes to share his experiences with other business owners so they do not fall into the same traps.

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