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East Arlington, TX (PressExposure) November 17, 2009 -- Postcards are not meant to be a single marketing push. They are uniquely different from most forms of marketing for this very reason.

If you plan on putting up posters, odds are good you are going to get those printed up all at once and put them up around town. Companies are going to get a mass order of brochures rather than repeatedly get them made throughout the year. After all, it takes quite a bit of time to make brochures.

Postcards, on the other hand, are cheap and easy to both design and are printed. The very inexpensive cost is what gives you the ability to send out multiple orders, rather than only having a single, larger order.

With the use of inexpensive templates, you can easily set up a system of getting new batches repeatedly designed throughout the year. Combine this with the low printing cost and you have a form of marketing on your hands that you can use to always keep your name in people's homes.

Here is the thing about postcard marketing: the greatest costs when it comes to setting up your mailing list. Whereas with other kinds of marketing the greatest time and costs come with the actual design phase, with the former, getting your first list of people to send out to will be the greatest time sink.

However, what this means is that once you have your list set up, you can repeatedly make good use out of it by sending out multiple batches of postcards on a regular basis. Every time you have a sale, you need to have these advertising materials going out in the mail promoting it. Every chance you can find get another order done and going out to your customers.

Send them at holidays if only to tell people season's greetings. You do not always need to have an event going on at your store to warrant sending out some more. Each time a person sees your company name, it means that your marketing material is doing its job and helping to increase your sales.

Part of a strong marketing push is keeping your name close to people. You need to ensure that your company name is always on their mind, so when they do need to buy something, they will think of you. This is how postcard printing can become so important, because it allows you to have your name close to people on a regular basis.

If you are not sending out a lot then you are not really taking advantage of a powerful marketing tool. Do not view them in the same way you would other forms of marketing. Each style of advertising has its specific strengths, and the ability to send out a constant stream of advertisements is definitely the postcards greatest strength.

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Katie Marcus writes about the postcard marketing technologies used by businesses for their marketing and advertising campaigns.

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