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Landisville, Pennsylvania (PressExposure) December 21, 2011 -- Is your wood deck getting older and older? Is it starting to look bad? Are you asking yourself, "What is that stuff on it?" Most of it is mold and surface ash caused by the sun and rain. Mix in some dirt, pollen and bird droppings and there you have it, a recipe for disaster.

What can you do? You could simply order a new deck. However, ordering and building a new deck will cost a lot of money and time and will come with its own issues. One viable option is to refinish the existing deck. Fortunately, the problems with the old deck are mostly surface problems and can be 'do it yourself' jobs. A simple power wash with water will remove the surface problems and a few nails or screws will bolt down the loose boards. Sounds simple right? But wait, you are not done yet. When the wood dries it will feel splintered and very rough.

Enter Lutech Inc. and their forward thinking and premier answer to your wood deck problems. Their deck coatings will cover and seal off the rough splintered wood. Their leading product, EPL wood coating, is not an oily sealer and is not a stain. These oily products will not do anything for your problem of rough wood. EPL is a plastic based sealant and is applied like paint, curing to a plastic finish that acts as a barrier between you and the rough, chemical laden wood. You can see for yourself how and what this is at

You will find detailed instructions on what to do and what to expect when you take on this very doable task. Pictures of clear and tinted decks finished with EPL will peak your interest and convince you to take this project on yourself. EPL is offered in Clear, Honey, Chocolate, Whitewash (the coolest, temperature-wise) and Graystone. The tinted versions will offer a solution to your concerns of your deck being a hodgepodge of old stains and coatings. Pick the EPL color that most 'brings together' the existing colors. EPL can be recoated to itself so that you can build thickness with color or clear to any desired level and can cover any imperfections in surface texture and appearance.

Located in Landisville, Pennsylvania, Lutech has studied outdoor wood problems for over 10 years and believes it offers the most cost effective solution to a long-standing problem. The inclusion of your own efforts in combination with their premier deck refinishing product will solve your problem at less than a tenth of the cost of a new deck.

"Our chemists and technicians worked hard on the outdoor wood problem. It takes years of study and numerous dead ends to locate the answer. Wood that has been pressure treated with chemicals will last for decades, and deserves to be saved. All the problems are surface related and we feel that using the latest in chemical technology is necessary to achieve the solution. We whole-heartedly believe EPL to be the only viable long-term outdoor wood treatment in today's market. Call us today (717-898-9150) and get experienced and logical answers to your outdoor wood problems."


For more specific details or information about the deck coatings products discussed above, visit today - learn more about deck refinishing products and the different colors CCA Playground Solution offers.


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For more specific details or information about the today - learn more about deck refinishing products and the different colors CCA Playground Solution offers.

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