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Mohali, Punjab India (PressExposure) July 10, 2008 -- If you have a website or a blog then most probably you have been monetizing it with AdSense and one thing which you would be constantly working on is to increase your AdSense click through rates in order to increase your revenue and earnings.

Well your AdSense income majorly depends on two factors - traffic and the click through rates, it's very easy to understand that more amount of traffic your website has more number of clicks you will get and thus increasing your AdSense income. But, we cannot increase traffic of our site overnight so the next obvious thing to do would be to increase the CTR of the ads with the existing traffic.

Below are few tips which worked for me to increase my AdSense Income - try this and certainly this should work for you as well.

1. Your Ads should not look like Ads

Your Ads should not look like Ads, yes that's right - when visitors come to your site they are more interested in the information that you provide rather than the Ads on your site. So if your ads are looking like ads then probably they are not going to click on them. So it's important for you to blend the ads into your site so that they don't look like ads. If your site's background is white and if you are using black text and blue titles for it then use the same with your AdSense Ads - try to match the background of the Ads with background of your site so that it perfectly blends with your site and match the color of the title and the URL with the color of the titles and headings of your site, and the text should match with the color of the text that you have used on your site. This way you definitely can increase the chances of someone clicking on your ads.

2. Don't overdo the Ad Blocks

You might be thinking that if you add more number of ad blocks on your site then you will have a high CTR and thus increasing your revenue. Well that's not true - infect if you have more number of ad blocks on your site this will bring down your CTR or even if the CTR goes up then your earnings may not go up because if you have too many ad blocks then your visitors may click on low paying advertisers ads whose ads seems to be attractive and thus decreasing your PPC. So, try not to have more than two ad blocks on one page.

Understanding the concept of making residual income online, will lead you to your path of financial freedom. Of course, there are two main ways to generate passive residual income online and achieve your ultimate financial freedom. One is by creating and selling your own merchandise and the other is to be an affiliate and earn commission by selling affiliate products or services online.

3. Placement of Ads

The right placement of ads is extremely important to increase your CTR, because if you place your ads at the wrong place then those ads will be ignored by your visitors. The best place to put your ads is to place it at the top of the site below the menu bar or just before where your content starts. The second best place to put the ads is on the right side of the page because whenever visitors scroll the page they will notice the ads on the site and thus increasing their chances of clicking on your Ads.

The above method has definitely helped me in increasing my AdSense income and I hope that this will help you too. Keep experimenting with your ads to see what works best for you and stick to that.

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