New Adivive Machine Assists with Fat Grafting

Beverly Hills, CA (PressExposure) March 15, 2012 -- The Adivive machine is an all-in-one fat transfer machine produces higher quality adipose tissue for more predictable and consistent results. March 2012 - The Adivive machine simplifies the fat transfer procedure from infiltration, harvesting, centrifugation, and fat grafting.

Traditionally, fat grafting requires liposuction to remove the fat, a machine to process the fat for re-injection and then the fat must be put into syringes to be re-injected back into the body. The Adivive Fat Grafting System streamlines autologous fat transfer by processing the fat completely within one machine. The Adivive machine creates a larger quantity of high quality adipose tissue so less overfill is needed. The majority of fat processed through the Adivive machine is free of fluids and ready for re-injection.

Because of the high quality of fat, the results are more predictable once the fat grafting is complete. More of the fat is accepted by the body in its new location because it has been processed with precision by the Adivive machine. These fat grafting results are reproducible. Reproducibility is essential when grafting fat into two identical body parts, like the cheeks. The surgeon is better able to achieve symmetry and balance when the fat used has been processed in the same manner.

The Adivive Fat Transfer System has a closed-circuit system that reduces the risk of fat contamination. The high G-force centrifugation yields highly concentrated adipose tissue that is ready for re-injection. The exclusive weighted-mesh piston filtering system improves the separation of fluids such as blood, infiltration fluids, and free oils from the fat. More of what is re-injected is pure adipose, which is readily accepted by the patient's body.

The Adivive System allows the doctor to use his or her own preferred cannulas for fat harvesting. From there, the surgeon can transfer tissue to standard syringes for smaller area injection through special adapters that work with the Adivive system.

Fat grafting has a higher rate of success when the fat comes from the patient's own body and the fat injected has been properly processed to minimize the chance of fat contamination. The Adivive Fat Grafting System improves the success rate of fat grafting by keeping many of these processes within one machine.

The Adivive Fat Transfer System is available at the office of Dr. David Amron, liposuction and fat transfer specialist, located in Beverly Hills, California. Learn more about Dr. Amron's services at

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