New Adventure Novel "Hero Rising" Sure To Be A Classic

Squamish, Canada (PressExposure) July 10, 2011 -- Why should the adventure end when you complete a great book?

The answer is that it should not.

With Hero Rising it does not have to. The author of this dynamic adventure novel has also created a community web space with the reader in mind. Read a two chapter prequel to the Hero Rising story, get a sneak peak at upcoming projects, join other readers in the full community experience. There is even an alternate ending to the novel which you can read and then vote on which ending you like best. The ending that wins the most votes will form the backdrop for the sequel novel. Where to you find this? On the web space the author has developed for the reader.

Why is this newsworthy?

Look at how traditional literature is distributed and marketed. Most publishing houses publish with themselves in mind but internet technology has allowed this author to go against the grain. And go against the grain he has! The author of Hero Rising has not only published his novel online, not such a new development, but he has also developed a social community web space with the reader in mind. The use of social media is starting to strengthen the hold online publishing has taken on traditional print media. Hero Rising is a prime example.

Below is the author's book jacket write up. At the end of the novel are the details for the web space. Take a look and decide for yourself. If you like this trend or not, at some point we have to accept that online technology is taking over.

Book Jacket:

As a freshly thrown bucket of water soaks through the sheets of his bed Jonathan Cornwallis jumps up and into a day he will not soon forget. In the early morning the love of his life, Anne DeVries, is whisked away to France without explanation, by noon his most loyal servant is in irons awaiting execution, and by evening he is told that his father has vanished in the Americas while he himself has been banished from English soil by the King.

It is 1769 and Jonathan Cornwallis, a free spirited nineteen year old born to a prominent British family, is confronted with a crossroads in his life locking him on a journey that will take him to the edges of everything he has ever known to be true, and beyond.

Hidden from sight, in an alternate dimension of existence, lies a spiritual realm entrusted with balancing the forces of light and darkness throughout the universe. This dimension is known as the World of Light and Shadow.

Those who inhabit the World of Light and Shadow are already familiar with Jonathan. They know him as the first descendent of the Sons of God to walk the earth in ten thousand years. To them that makes him a Dritian: a being not fully man, not fully angel, yet at the same time, a bit of both. For the followers of Light Jonathan signifies hope while for the Darkness he is a threat. For this reason the Darkness has sent its warrior, the beast, into Jonathan's dreams in the hope of either scaring him into service or killing him in his sleep if he refuses.

While awake Jonathan is confronted in the world of men by the Viata, a power hungry group of men who for centuries have sought after the power held in the realm of angels. With Jonathan suddenly emerging on the scene, young and naive, they can hardly wait to seize their opportunity.

Whether its musket shot, cannon fire, the beast that haunts his dreams, or a well placed frying pan to the side of his head, Jonathan Cornwallis moves forward towards an uncertain future.

Then there is Anne DeVries. Aside from being Jonathan's love interest, Anne is also the illegitimate daughter of the King of England. After spending six long years at his table she is finally repatriated back to France and into her mother's warm embrace. Unfortunately for Anne, France offers a cool reception. Upon her arrival she is promptly taken hostage by a mid level criminal in the hopes that he can secure her mother's vast wealth. His plan is to rekindle a war with England while establishing for himself a place at the table with the very power brokers who are after Jonathan's legacy, the Viata.

As Jonathan seeks his answers in the new world, Anne seeks Jonathan in search of answers of her own. What they both find on the journey is that nothing escapes the pull of the World of Light and Shadow.

After you read the book check out the website, or vice versa, at

About Hero Rising

[] is a product of Hero Rising, a new kind of reader experience. Hero Rising was written by Jason Evans of Squamish, BC, Canada and is solely managed online.

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