New Analysis Log In New BugBopper Release - Log Shows The Analysis Status Of Previously Unknown Files

Potomac, Maryland (PressExposure) April 09, 2011 -- New Analysis Log in New BugBopper Release
Version 1.3 shows the analysis status of previously unknown files.

Today BugBopper shipped a new release -- v1.3 -- with more features, including a new Analysis Log, the option of excluding one or more directories from a scan, improved context-sensitive help, and improved automatic updates.

BugBopper, a developer of anti-malware products, has released version 1.3 of its flagship product, also called BugBopper. BugBopper's unique and innovative architecture scans and identifies executable files on a user's machine as either known-clean, known-bad, or not-yet-known. Known-bad files -- malware -- are listed and described, with direct links to BugBopper's website and database of over thirteen million unique files (and nearly fifty million aliases and malware families) for detailed information about each file and its malware family. BugBopper's powerful removal features can disable and remove any malware detected. Not-yet-known files, which may be anything from new releases of commercial software to zero-day exploits unknown to any malware scanner, are immediately uploaded to the BugBopper lab servers for automated analysis using proprietary tools, typically completed in only minutes.

With this new release, an Analysis Log shows the status of each uploaded file, with the results of BugBopper's analysis automatically retrieved and displayed to the user, often as soon as the scan is complete. Like the Scan Log, the Analysis Log includes web links to the esoteric details, risk assessments and other information. "We believe this takes some of the mystery out of the process, and gives our users even faster feedback, taking us one step closer to finally solving the infamous zero-day problem", said Dr. David Stang of BugBopper.

What's new in BugBopper v1.3? Other features added in this new release:

* Greatly expanded and improved context-sensitive help for all features and options.

* Refinements in the automatic update feature, with all components digitally signed by BugBopper

* The ability to exclude selected drives or folders from scanning. Requested by BugBopper's community of power users, this much-requested and powerful feature has as many uses as BugBopper has users.

* For testing and special applications (those power users again), the ability to suppress all uploading and analysis of new files

About BugBopper the Company
BugBopper comes from a company of the same name.
It offers dozens of innovations that promise to transform the world of malware detection and removal. The company is based in Potomac, Maryland and Freeport, New York. The company may be reached at,, or (240) 997-2549.

About BugBopper

BugBopper is an anti-malware scanner, developed by a company of the same name, and supported at []. BugBopper is a commercial product that removes malware at a user's discretion. It detects viruses, trojans, spyware, keyloggers, worms, and other unwanted applications. [] provides a malware encyclopedia of over 10 million pages.

BugBopper has the highest detection rate of any anti-virus or anti-spyware product. It is also the smallest on disk, and the fastest. BugBopper is very, very fast, and was recently clocked at about 2,900 files per second! The company offers a free license to any user who can find a smaller scanner, or faster scanner, or one with a higher detection rate.

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