New And Never Used Microwave Oven Explodes

Los Angeles, CA (PressExposure) July 27, 2007 -- A woman in North Texas was surprised when her microwave oven, with the brand name of General Electric, which was newly bought three days ago and not yet used, exploded. According to 79-year-old woman, she was cooking in her kitchen. She was stirring on a pot of boiling soup with green beans on the stove when the microwave oven's glass door shattered spontaneously blowing bits of flying glass across the kitchen room.

According to the woman named Mrs. Smith, the explosion created by the shattering of the microwave was very loud, it caused her to become stone deaf. A laboratory examination was done on the sound of explosion and analysis showed that it reached about 130 decibels, which can be compared to the sound of a jet's engine. Mrs. Smith's arms were also wounded because of the glass bits that flew across the room and hit her.

Mrs. Smith also suffered from nervous breakdown because of the incident. She became very nervous every time she goes near a stove.

The representatives of General Electric declare Smith's microwave oven as manufactured by the company of LG electronics for the General Electric. It was identified as GE model #JVM1631-BJ01.

Furthermore, GE stated that the catastrophic explosion where Smith was injured was a rare happening but one that indeed, can happen. GE declares that what happened to Smith was actually the fourth report they got about glass spontaneously exploding for that model, of microwave oven particularly. Smith was also the first person to report an injury resulting from the explosion, ever.

GE further stated that they had sold up to 770,000 units of the said microwave oven model.

Presently Smith is launching a lawsuit in the federal court against GE for allegedly selling a defective product, specifically microwave, with defective glass, too. GE answered the lawsuit by blaming Smith of misusing the product. However, Smith countered that the microwave oven was not turned on and was never touched before the explosion of the glass happened.

According to Bill Lingnell, nearly 40 years engineer and glass expert, spontaneous explosion of glass is not unusual. Lingnell states the energy, which was stored within the microwave oven glass used to make the device strong, is very great that the pressure stressed in its installation during production may explode later on.

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