New And Unique Breast Pad Helps Eliminate Perspiration, Rashes, And Odor Underneath the Breasts Without Costly Creams, Pills, Powders Or Lotions

Beltsville, Maryland (PressExposure) January 08, 2009 -- Breast-Ease™ is a revolutionary, new pad that is made of 100% organic cotton - the fabric most recommended by healthcare professionals because of its superior absorption qualities - whose unique design naturally conforms to the underside of a woman's breasts, effectively acting as a shield to prevent skin-on-skin contact which can cause bacteria build-up from perspiration leading to painful rashes and other irritations and embarrassing odor under the breast area.

With the advent of underwires, bras simply do not offer the kind of support that lift a woman's breasts and prevent wetness from occurring. As a result, many women - especially large-breasted - suffer the embarrassment of perspiration build-up underneath the breast area due to skin-on-skin contact even while wearing a bra. This often leads to embarrassing odor and painful rashes underneath the breast area. Until now, the common method of combating these problems was the use of expensive prescription and over-the-counter antifungal creams, pills, lotions and powders; but these methods only address the symptoms and not the causes of the problem. Breast-Ease™ absorbent breast pads change all that. Not a bra-liner, Breast-Ease™ absorbent breast pads fit snugly underneath the breasts and are so discreet they can be worn with any type of bra.

Many women suffer from rashes and odor as a result of perspiration build-up underneath and between the breasts. Wearing a Breast-Ease™ absorbent breast pad will keep the underside of the breasts dry, promoting healthy skin, thus eliminating the main cause of these problems, even for psoriasis and eczema sufferers.

Women everywhere are raving about Breast-Ease™ absorbent breast pads:

"I wear a Breast-Ease™ pad everyday and I love it and I have not suffered any irritation or discomfort." "I was having problems with heavy perspiration and odor. . . wearing Breast-Ease™ pads eliminated that." "I had a rash that even with all kinds of creams and prescription medicines didn't help . . . after wearing Breast-Ease™ pads the rash has disappeared." "The pads kept me dry with less or no odor . . . they do the job. . ." "Breast-Ease™ pads has decreased my discomfort a great deal."

Breast-Ease™ absorbent breast pads come in three shades: white, black and natural, and are machine washable and dryable.

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