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Boise, Idaho (PressExposure) August 25, 2008 -- "Enter stage left: Jon Silar, a reclusive hellzai spacer, and Karen Stone, daughter of rich folk on the barony world of Karwan. Enter stage right: drug lords, pirates and aliens. At stake: their fears, their failures, their nightmares, their dreams, their lives and their futures. More than just an unusual love story set in a universe of AI's, VR, cyberlife, and sweeping planetary vistas, surrounded by political intrigue, deception and betrayal, The Hellzai Trilogy is also an adventure on the edge of reality and a journey through the hearts of one man and one woman caught in the eternal battle between the light and the darkness. A loner. A rich kid. And a starship. Drug lords, pirates and aliens. And a whole lot of empty space. Come with us now...Where the slipstream ends and the ways of the wind begin, no one really knows..."

So reads the introduction of the new book by T. Russell Benedict, named "Pawns: A Taste of Power," Book 1 of the new science fiction Hellzai Trilogy, available at

"I was engaged the moment I picked this book up! I really enjoyed it. The author has created an atmosphere of futuristic life, advanced technology, and ordinary everyday and real human relationships. I can feel John and Karen's inner struggles. The battle of injustice in an unjust world, the pain and suffering all around, and the hope for redemption, it's all there. I look forward to reading #2 and #3. -Mrs Mike on Amazon"

This is what people are saying about the new series. They see the book cover, read the previews, and check out the website, but the human drama element is still best captured by the reviewer quoted above on She got it. She understood that people face hard times and decisions; they always have, and they always will. But how people respond depends on who they are inside, not just their circumstances. In their choices, they respond to both positive and negative criticisms. They react to both pain and pleasure. And in their darkest hours, they always seek the light.

This book is a snapshot into the mind of a loner, someone that could easily be your neighbor today, but whose problems are magnified by an advanced universe, a universe that despite its ultra-modern technology, still deals with the same matters of the heart that we deal with today. Life and death. Betrayal and Redemption. Love and Hate. It's all there within its pages, without any sugercoating. In a world of pirates, drugs, sex-for-sale, and aliens, how does a man trapped by his past, and a woman with no set future, work their way through the very question of their existence, and how can they work together in that?

Those are the questions this trilogy attempts to answer. If the depth and quality of the first book is any indicator, the author will indeed answer those very questions as the story continues on into books 2 and 3.

The Hellzai Trilogy, Book 1 "Pawns: A Taste of Power", new from American Publishers, available now at http"//

Coming soon. Book 2 "Queens: The Love of Power" Book 3 "Kings: The Price of Power"

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