New Book, the Anti-Cousin, Promises to Surprise and Entertain Readers

Nairobi, Kenya (PressExposure) June 07, 2013 -- According to its author, Timothy Wahome, the book, the Anti-Cousin, is a depiction of a dystopian future in the EA Nation, a conglomerate state in present-day East Africa. At the center of the novel is a robotic creation under the designation, The Computeligents. Apparently, there are two strains of these robots, one for espionage, and the other for military reconnaissance. Indeed, as the novel begins, the protagonist is on the track of the omniscient spy robots, who want to unearth the creator of treasonable content that highlights the evils of the new political transition, a few years back.

As Book 1 in the series, the Rise and Fall of the Computeligents, The Anti-Cousin traces the escape mission of first, the protagonist, Patrick, and later, he and M, an arch-collaborator in a clandestine group at university. Patrick, apparently, is suffering espionage and treason charges under mistaken identity circumstances, due to the fact that he had eschewed capture when the rest of the clandestine organization, 'Behaving Group, the,' suffered arrest. As the plot inches along in the first few chapters, one discovers him in frequent brushes with the law, until the computeligents abandon his chance and instead the all-knowing, Inspector Cousin, who got the title from a diplomatic bluff with the new Somali democratic state, comes after him.

The staying power of the book however, is the psychological tension that emanates from both the use of M to trace Patrick and thus escape conviction, and their later cohesion when they escape together. One character understands that the other is the culprit but cannot let go of him lest he gets into the butt end of the law under mistaken identity. There is nothing left for them but take to the wing and explore different parts of the dystopian nation, with the computeligent and Cousin menace, always behind them.

This is the author's first novel in publication format, but reading between the lines shows a lot of sense and literary prowess. The Anti-Cousin, indeed, may aspire too high in execution of style and a breathtaking pace, to appear like first-time literature.

Reviews on the publishing page and other sites on the web depict a warm inclination into the book. Important, too, is the fact that the term, 'computeligent,' is an invention of the author and is going on print for the first time. The ending of the novel shows effortless transition by use of the robots that transmute from the spy computeligents, who are predominant in this first edition, to militia computeligents, who end the work.

It behooves many observers to believe that the failure of the spy wing in the current work, only presages the coming into task the militia computeligents in the next edition of the series, the Rise and Fall of the Computeligents!

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