New Book Claims a Two-Word Idea from Improv Comedy Can Improve Relationships, Careers, and Businesses

Philadelphia, PA (PressExposure) February 23, 2012 -- Professional speaker and improv comedian, Avish Parashar, explains in his new book, "Say 'Yes, And!'", how the primary thing holding people back from achieving the success they want and deserve is simply their tendency to say, "yes, but." According to the book, by saying, "yes, but," people close their minds to opportunities, hurt relationships, and stay stuck at their current level of success and happiness.

By using "yes, and," readers can force themselves to take positive action, collaborate with others, and push themselves out of their comfort zone

"This idea is so simple that people take it for granted," says Parashar. "Yet once they take a look at their own lives and how often they say 'yes, but,' not to mention how often other people say, 'yes, but' to them, then they realize how pervasive the problem is."

"Say 'Yes, And!'" attempts to solve this problem by first making the reader aware of the severity of the problem, and by then sharing specific techniques people can use to start making the switch to "yes, and."

Parashar was motivated to write this book because he believes everything he has achieved in his life, from starting and running an improv comedy troupe, to publishing two books and running a successful speaking business, has come from saying, "yes, and."

"I don't say that to brag," he says. "I've said a lot of 'yes, but' too, and I know that almost all the areas of my life that aren't as successful as I'd like are because of that. I am sure that if readers look at their lives, they'll see that the same is true for them too." His goal is help as many people as possible achieve what they want by simply saying more "yes, and."

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About Avish Parashar Productions, Inc.

Avish Parashar is a professional speaker, motivational humorist, and improv comedian who shows organizations how to use ideas from improv comedy to think quickly, deal with the unexpected, and maintain great service and leadership, even when things go wrong. He has studied, taught, and performed improv comedy for over 20 years, and has been speaking to and training groups on using improv in business for 10. His first book, "Improvise to Success!" was released in 2006.

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