New Book Discusses Possible Solutions to the Worldwide Crises of Intolerance

Madison, Alabama (PressExposure) October 11, 2014 -- Josiah Samuel Harry has released a landmark book about the moral consequences of social tolerance. "Awakening Humanity's Collective Spirit" offers readers an opportunity to examine why intolerance is not only self-defeating, but also detrimental to the ideals of liberal democracies and societal communities worldwide.

In this book, Harry begins with the acknowledgement that in order to protect the fundamental norms of free democracies, namely respect for the other and not harming the other, tolerance (i.e., nonjudgmental acceptance) must become the new currency of social interactions. This book contends that if intolerance is left to run its course, it can poison a nation's moral climate and threaten its collective identity.

The author also maintains that without the compass of tolerance guiding humanity's spiritual evolution, humanity will find itself floundering in a world of perpetual uncertainty, meaninglessness, and chaos. The key to a peaceful world begins with a revolution-a revolution of consciousness, and a vigilant presence of mind both at the individual and collective level. Not until we make a decision to live and celebrate each moment in relationship on purpose will we enjoy a complete awakening of humanity's collective spirit. When we decide to celebrate each other's strengths; embrace each other's brokenness; be present in each other's lives; and voluntarily surrender our rights to others, we will arrive at a place where individuals and societies can truly begin to live in peace, happiness, freedom and prosperity.

As Harry observes, ensuring peace and security for future generations hinges on the choices we make today to live in relational harmony despite our differences. Harry concludes his treatise by suggesting that human beings have the capacity to create a more peaceful world based on an economy of love, but it requires that each of us choose diversity over division, hope over despair, and love over indifference.

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