New Book Dissects the Anatomy of Frustration to Show Others How they Can Frustration-Proof Their Lives & Achieve Personal Success in the Face of Adversity

Brussels, Belgium (PressExposure) January 16, 2009 -- Anatomy of Frustration ([]) deals with an issue everyone suffers from, but few know how to deal with. Anatomy of Frustration takes a look at frustration and shows how frustration is often the culprit in failure. By learning that, and dealing with frustration as it arises, the author of the book hopes to empower people and help unlock the power to succeed.

The book takes readers through the process from frustration. There are many different stages of frustration, and each stage is important to understand in order to achieve success.

It starts by defining frustration. When people are able to identify frustration and understand the roots of the frustration, they are then able to overcome it. Often, people are not aware of the frustration in their lives, and thus they are not able to adequately deal with it.

In addition, the book explains where frustration comes from. The book is able to identify the root of frustration on the path to success. By dealing with the root of frustration, people are able to get motivated and work for personal and professional success. This is a very important step in regards to personal development and self improvement.

The book outlines the obstacles that frustration cause on your success journey. Not only does it explain the obstacles, but it also tells others how to overcome them. The book works to explain that frustration does not have to cause failure. Many people get frustrated and then fail, but the book explains how that can be avoided by processing the frustration differently, and then taking a different action. By looking at the problem and reacting differently, the author of the book believes people will be much more successful when dealing with frustration.

In addition, fear factor is discussed. The author notes fear must be dealt with in order for someone to unlock their personal power to succeed. Fear often overwhelms people and keeps them from succeeding. Personal development cannot truly be achieved without addressing fear and understanding how to manage it at all times.

The goal of The Anatomy of Frustration is to take something negative and work to transform it into something positive. By taking the negative and turning it into positive, people are then able to create opportunities, possibilities and unlock the power to succeed. The book takes the negative obstacles that get in the way of people as they navigates toward success and teaches them how to deal with them more effectively.

Anatomy of Frustration was written in order to help people on the path to personal and professional fulfillment. The book is designed to help people in different places in their lives, and on different paths in life. Those who want to make positive changes and frustrationproof their lives are encouraged to visit [].

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