New Book Explores How Adultery is Destroying Families, America, and Future Generations

Marengo, IL (PressExposure) July 07, 2011 -- No Innocent Affair: Making Right the Wrong of Adultery, the newest book from award winning author Edward Mrkvicka, takes on the virtually ignored topic of adultery and all of its destructive ramifications.

Mrkvicka, a Christian lay minister/counselor, has made it his life's work to expose adultery for what it really is -- a devastating force that destroys everything and everybody it touches. Especially the most innocent -- the children of divorce, which is the end-result of most adulteries.

Mrkvicka states, "Amazingly, as a society, we have taken a head-in-the-sand position on the subject of adultery. That is to say, we basically ignore it for fear we might have to confront some disturbing truths if we discuss and act on this epidemic of self-indulgence. Instead, we've greased the skids to make betrayal easier, morally and legally. America has treated the subject applying the principle I call 'The Lower Standards Defense.' For example, when reading levels are below the accepted norm, does a school district or state strive to help children raise their actual ability to read? In most cases, no. Instead, we lower the standards so what was not acceptable is suddenly acceptable. Voila! End of problem. We've done the same with adultery. We've lowered character standards until adultery is now expected and accepted. 'Everyone does it' we're told. And in court, the adulterer is treated the same as the innocent spouse -- hence no-fault divorce.

But there's a price to pay.

That's what my book explores. The real cost of an adultery to everyone, especially the adulterer.

Most important, it reveals how to recover from betraying your family."

No Innocent Affair: Making Right the Wrong of Adultery will be available this fall from Tate Publishing.

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