New Book For Professionals And Everyday People Features 10 Revolutionary Methods Guaranteed To Reduce Stress, Alleviate Disappointment And Increase Emotional Health

Atlanta, GA (PressExposure) March 21, 2011 -- Vitamin E is essential to life -- we cannot live without it. Prominent researchers believe that to perform at its best, the body needs more than the US Daily Value of 30 IU vitamin E daily and the average American diet supplies considerably less than this amount. While the elastic of our economy continue to bounce back from economic disparity and many search for methods on how to reduce the stress of recession related layoffs, alleviate the merry-go-round of disappointments and regain emotional comfort.

Mo Stegall, ( former correspondent with UNCF and the Wachovia Foundation's Empower ME Tour, Empowerment Ambassador for the National Urban League's I AM EMPOWERED campaign and one of the nation's leading authorities on empowerment provides tangible methods that are guaranteed to reduce stress, alleviate disappointment and increase emotional health. For example:

- Discovering Your Worth- Discovering your worth prior to building or forming any type of relationship allows you to understand your value to the relationship. This practice will reduce the stress we often encounter in relationships due in part to insecurities or high expectations.
- Projecting What You Want To Attract- The Law of Attraction says that which is like unto itself is drawn. If you want to be successful you must project success.
- Inspect What You Expect- When you purchase a home or rent an apartment two things are very common in the process of determining if that particular place will become your residence, an Inspection and the Evaluation of that inspection.
- Mind Over Matter Mentality- You don't mind what happened yesterday because it simply don't matter Toda. Yesterday is gone and will never return again, tomorrow isn't promised so TODAY awaits you and it is waiting for you to seize it and take control over the things you have the POWER to CHANGE!
- Refocus, Reposition, and Resurrect- We must place our goals and objectives in plain view in order to get motivated to pursue them, realign our strategies when the old methods aren't yielding the necessary results, and literally need to place our goals on a gurney and resuscitate them to stay motivated enough to accomplish them. These methods will improve our emotional health.

We all want to be successful in life, provide for our families and build promising futures, yet we sometimes lack the proper opportunities, resources, education or network.

As Stegall describes each method, readers will:
- Understand why adversity can be a significant advantage
- Be able to imagine themselves succeeding in any endeavor by reading the daily Power Pills enclosed.
- Learn techniques to effective planning and implementing strategies to complete goals
- Understand how a recession could undermine job security, while learning strategies for minimizing or avoiding any negative impact

Readers will learn how to navigate through adversity, discover the champion within themselves, and achieve goals.

While there are many books providing motivation, inspiration and self-help advice, Stegall's unique perspective gives a new and much broader meaning to the term "empowerment" demonstrating that an experts knowledge constitutes precious currency in a world dependent on Vitamin E.

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