New Book Offers First-Of-Its-Kind Approach to Giving Women More Romance in Their Relationship

San Jose, CA (PressExposure) September 23, 2009 -- Half of the 45 million, married women in the United States wish that they could have a closer, more intimate relationship with their husbands. "When I read this in an article in 'Fortune Magazine' in the mid-1990's, I knew that this was a problem worth hacking, says Michael Graves, a successful consultant and life coach."

Graves, who for the past 20 years has made his living solving problems and helping people reach their life-goals, is the author of "Sweeter Days, Hotter Nights: Your Personalized Plan for a More Romantic Relationship," the first book which actually delivers on the promise of a personalized plan for a more romantic relationship.

"Lack of romance very often marks the beginning of the largest problems facing relationships today," says Graves, "and it is rooted in a lack of communication." The use of this topic to sell popular women's magazines, and booming sales trends in romance novels, coupled with the rate of divorce in the U.S. is an indication that this number has only increased with time.

According to Graves, "Sweeter Days, Hotter Nights: Your Personalized Plan for a More Romantic Relationship," is the first book which walks the reader through the steps of crafting a plan that applies uniquely to her own relationship, based on the two personalities involved. Along the way, it utilizes simple, powerful, effective exercises to help her develop skills that will help the reader to implement that plan.

"One of the problems with other books on the subject is their cookie-cutter, 'one-size-fits- all' approach. This approach leads readers in the wrong direction - they need to communicate first, to find out what will work.

"Couples are as different as the stars in the sky when it comes to their expectations in romance," says Graves. "One couple's sizzling hot romance, is another couple's boredom, and another couple's embarrassment, so a bunch of generalized advice is going to produce hit or miss results, at best."

"Most self-help books on sex and romance offer generalized advice and explanations, in the hopes that the reader will connect with something in the book, that she can use," said Graves. "And that is why they fall short of delivering the goods."

"This book helps the reader to work out a way to solve the problem for herself, and in doing this, develops a plan which is tailor-made for her specific relationship.


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