New Book Promotes Ending Violence by Cultivating A New Generation of Kindness

Streamwood, Illinois (PressExposure) April 19, 2007 -- The recent wake of violent killing at Virginia Tech by a malcontent loner is shocking and unsettling. Throughout human history, attention and energy have fed the dinosaurs of violence and terrorism and devastated relationships.

These beasts create fear, anxiety and a world of pain, trampling on on millions through misunderstanding, intolerance and hatred. Just as the age of the dinosaurs ended, so too is the time for a new day of understanding, peace and love in the world.

Personal responsibility, mentoring and positive imagination can end the wake of violence. By showing respect for the dignity of each person and the diversity of each ethnic and racial culture, adults with parenting influence can lead a new generation into peace. How? By telling and living hope-filled stories that envision a transformation of society. Women lead men in relationships.

Hope-filled stories show how boys and girls, mothers and fathers make a significant difference for good. When people are treasured, their self-esteem grows. Meaningful adventure stories show the value of the contribution of girls and women make.

Relationships are restored and connected. Forgiveness breaks the cycle of violence. Family and society become stronger and more loving. A new book, The Rainbow Chronicles: A Bedtime Story for a New Day, offers parents, families, and communities a spiritual adventure with a transforming global outcome.

As a parable, The Rainbow Chronicles provides these five elements to help readers grow in kindness and goodwill.

First, there is a spirit of collaboration. Children work together instead of against one another.

Second, the heroes in the story have a mission to serve others. This could be helping to solve a problem, lend assistance, or provide kind words and deeds.

Third, the book follows a progressive story line where the characters of boys and girls are growing deeper and more meaningful. Avoid stories where no growth happens.

Fourth, the story illustrates virtues, not vices. For example, hope replaces despair. Peaceful and creative solutions replace violence. Respect for all characters is the main focus of the story.

Fifth, the book imagines a positive ending that children can associate with. Closure is an important aspect of the book. The final chapter, "The Return of the Rainbow" includes scenes of reconciliation, forgiveness, reunion and other positive heart-felt events.

When hope and optimism win out, girls and boys, men and women can imagine how they can make life better for everyone.

The girls of today become the mothers, business and civic leaders of tomorrow. Boys learn from girls to use their power to serve the human family. To break the cycle of violence and improve lives of families, girls and boys, The Rainbow Chronicles is a must read. Its positive messages provide families with an excellent place to start cultivating a beautiful world where peace and love blossom.

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