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Oxford, United Kingdom (PressExposure) August 07, 2007 -- The claim of the Jews being "the chosen people" is the cause of one of the great political problems of the Middle East. Born of that religion, fathered by one Abraham, of a Semitic tribe, and his barren, half sister wife, (it is said), who were to be progenitors of an especial family to create a new religion under the direct guidance of their God. The covenant also carried obligations upon the Jews and which they miserably failed to fulfil. Therefore the promises were forfeit long, long ago.

A rather different type of an analytical book "Jewish Origins An Ancient & Modern Review of the Old Testament" The author takes the Old Testament and unravels its special history in a rather light-hearted yet detailed manner, and fully supported by the backing of the Old Testament (King James version) His conclusions are that the Jews Fulfilled none of the obligations of the Abrahamic covenant, and, therefore forgo their seemingly eternal claim to the "promised land". Also he suggests, that the troubles of the Jews are self-inflicted by their own false claims, and, that too, is clearly forewarned in the Old Testament.

Having read this fascinating book, with all its backing of the quoted passages from the Old Testament, it makes one wonder how this conclusion could have escaped us for so long across so many generations.

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