New Book Sheds Light on Sustainable Weight Loss Motivation

Newport, United Kingdom (PressExposure) February 08, 2008 -- Year after year, millions of people vow to lose weight. A vast majority fail in their quest for the weight they were born to be. They give up on their diet or exercise regime only to feel a failure. The message in a new book Weight Loss, Life Gain by Chrissie Webber is that none of us are failures. She believes we are just hooked into a dieting mindset that eventually thwarts our success and dissipates our motivation.

The book, a motivational journey to permanent weight loss, offers readers a new way of seeing the world of weight management and how to keep motivated. Promoting the concept that long-term weight loss requires mind, body and spirit working in harmony with food and nature, it delivers a powerful message of how to replace comfort eating with comfort loving. By re-introducing the lost skills of ‘Conscious Eating’, the book offers readers a way out of their daily battle with food. These are the forgotten skills of people who have never dieted and who view and use food in a completely different way to dieters.

Weight Loss, Life Gain (published by Accent Press, January 2008) sheds new light on how controlled eating plans, a belief in ‘good’ and ‘bad’ food and the reinforcement of ‘Not Good Enough’ beliefs, prevent people from finding sustainable weight loss motivation. Based on the life experiences of its author, Chrissie Webber who was over 21 stone and massive size 30, it contains the ‘Keys’ and tools she developed. These have aided her own weight loss of over 5 stone and more importantly, helped her keep the pounds off for several years. The book also contains a wealth of anecdotal stories, ideas and tips to help readers find and sustain the motivation they need to lose weight permanently.

“I have struggled since childhood with a weight issue,” explained Chrissie. “My life was an unhappy, constant battle with food and myself. Then I began to look at motivation and how I influenced its sustainability through my beliefs and actions. Gradually I realised that it was the way I saw food and myself that kept me trapped in my unhappy yo-yo dieting lifestyle. That’s when I began to develop a range of ‘Keys’ and tools to help me create the life changes I needed to be happy and food fear free.”

The book, which took nearly eight years to produce, was a labour of love for Chrissie. It enabled her to grow a love of food, a love of herself and a love of her own body image. Describing herself as ‘a work in progress’ she knows that there is still more excess weight to be shed. Believing that it will happen gradually through supportive and loving actions, she has already set up an online support group on her web site [] and is training others to become weight management motivation coaches.

Chrissie believes that a radical change in the way we view and use food needs to happen to overcome the increasing weight issues in society. With research showing that 98% of people not only fail to reduce their weight but gain it as they yo-yo diet the mindset needs to shift. She knows from personal experience that motivation is always going to be thwarted where guilt, shame and self-loathing abound. Her book offers a new and innovative pathway on a journey back to a time before dieting became a way of life.


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