New Book Suggests Teaming with Your Guardian Angel for Less Stress & More Success

Dallas, TX (PressExposure) June 17, 2006 -- Each day newspapers, radio, and TV report stories of violence including wars, terrorists, assaults and various other tragedies that leave many people living in a constant state of fear. Yet they must carry on their lives of commuting to work each day, doing their jobs while getting along with co-workers, then spending time with their kids before falling into bed exhausted from another stressful day. “It’s Just Another Day,” the Beatles sang.

Now entertainment industry professional Tom T. Moore has written a book that offers some unique ideas of how to lessen stress and lead less fearful lives. “I was like everyone else,” he states. “Like any business, we had up and down cycles, which can cause a lot of stress. At one point in my life my wife and I were working 17 hours a day, seven days a week.” But he reported that about ten years ago, he discovered a way to involve one’s own Guardian Angel in everyday activities so that every part of his life because easier and much less worrisome. The result was less stress and more success.

His new book, The Gentle Way—A Self-help Guide for Those Who Believe in Angels (Light Technology) shows in detail how he started requesting what he calls “Benevolent Outcomes” for everything from a parking place near the entrance to a restaurant, to business negotiations, mediations, his international trips, and even winning at bingo.

He begins by explaining how we normally think of Guardian Angels—only in crises situations when we might be in danger of injury or losing our lives. But the rest of the time they’re not thought of as we go about our daily lives. He declares that they are there with us all the time and are quite willing to assist us with even the smallest of requests.

In each chapter he relates success stories of how he, his family and friends requested Benevolent Outcomes. As an example, he would say out loud, “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for a seat on the subway.” He related how in Paris one day, he obtained a seat each time he rode five different subways on his way to and from a business appointment even during busy travel times.

The book contains chapters on home life, work, traveling, politics, and even moving about in a war zone or other dangerous situations. He even shows us how to keep our identities free from theft.

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